January 11, 2013

L&C Happening's this week

This week Lidia and Carly...
*Got piggy back rides *Played in the snow *Laughed at crazy shows
*Served cookies they made *Sported sassy attitudes *Relaxed
*Read books *Relaxed some more *Made funny faces
They also...
*read more books *made even sillier faces *fell asleep in momma's arms
*carly got her first pigtail braids *carly ate too many cookies *Lidia got her first facial mask
*chased Lulu around *slept with momma even more *went to the science center
 (and they were on the news! more details to come!)


Erin said...

They are freaking gorgeous. You're raising some lil sassy supermodels, momma! Better watch out ;) Lovin' those pigtails too!!

Anonymous said...

They are too cute! Sounds like they have had an awesome week :D

Joeylee said...

sounds like you guys had an awesome week! The girls are too cute! Have a great weekend