January 10, 2013

Taylor Swift

I'm not sure how we got here.
The music obessession.
The dancing obsession.
The TAYLOR SWIFT obsession???
It's true.
My girls (mainly Lidia) have come down with the Taylor Swift disease.
"Mommy is Taylor Swift on the radio?"
"We are never ever ever getting back together!"
"I wanna listen to TAYLOR!"
All the time.
And I'm to blame, I'm sure.
But seriously, these girls are obsessed with singing, dancing, and listening to music.
In the car, at home, , on my phone...
It's madness.
And kinda fun :)
I love hearing them singing along to music, except for when the song isn't that appropriate... ooops.
Anyway, the girls are always asking to hear certain songs and listen to them on my phone or in the car or on the tv.
So, for Christmas my sister got them a few cd's and this awesome cd player with two microphones!
They are in heaven.
And the volume doesn't go too high so Taylor Swift isn't ringing throughout the whole house!
Anybody elses kids going through this phase?
Tell me I'm not alone!

And just to give you a glimpse into our lives, here are the names of the songs that they practically know by heart!
 (again, mainly Lidia)
Taylor Swift; Never getting back together AND Trouble.
Call me Maybe
Marroon 5; One more night
 (aka the DIE song. umm what?)
Ellie Goulding; Lights
(aka the CARLY song. they think she's singing Carly instead of calling ha!)
Kesha; Die Young
LMFAO; Sexy and I know it
(hanging my head in shame)
Rhianna; Diamonds
Pink; Blow me one last kiss
Demi Lovato: Give your heart a break
Kelly Clarkson: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
A few J. Beiber songs... of course

.... and more that I can't think of.
Crazy, huh?

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Kati McDonald said...

Give em' some of our "back in the day" Britney! Gimme Gimme MORE Gimme MORE Gimme Gimme!