February 28, 2013

A day in the life (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

.... because who doesn't like to see a typical "day in the life" post to check out how your day with your babes is similar to others? Well, at least I like to see them! And if not for anything else, it'll be funny to look back even a year from now and see what has changed/what's still the same!

So as you all should know by now, during the week I work part-time Tuesday-Thursday. I'm going to break this down into two different posts. I'll start with Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are typically the same. Wednesdays are their own day, and Mondays and Fridays are the days that I'm home with them so those are usually similar as well. Sooo on Tuesdays and Thursdays a typical day would be....

I wake up and shower and start to get ready.
Between 6:30-8:00:
The girls wake up at some point or I sometimes have to wake them up. (Lidia is NOT a morning person... wonder where shes gets that from! Not me! :) They eat breakfast while Papa and I drink coffee. (typically they have waffles, cereal, or cereal bars but they always have milk) Then we get the girls dressed. (I TRY to lay out their clothes the night before, but that doesn't always happen) After that, the girls typically watch the Disney Channel while I finish getting ready or they play with Papa until we are ready to leave!
7:30- 7:45:
Papa starts my car (aww) and helps get the girls in the car (double aww) and the girls and I head to school. I usually drop them off since it's on my way to work.
I make that money honey! Work, work, work... and sometimes on my lunch break I run errands or go to lunch with coworkers.
4:30 - 7pm: 
Time to get the girls! I always pick them up from school. We have a bad habit that after I pick them up we ALWAYS have to "get juice at the gas station" on our way home. At least it's only two days a week, right? Once at home, I clean and get dinner ready while the girls play or help with dinner or color at the table or they drive us crazy! Papa comes home sometime in between this time too! Then we eat dinner. Typically Lidia eats spaghetti, soft shell taco shells or cereal (she's not a good eater!) and Carly eats whatever. On Thursdays, Lidia has dance from 6 - 6:45 so that is where it gets a little different.Typically we come home from school, clean/play/prep dinner/get Lid ready for dance. Then Papa stays with home with Carly and makes dinner while Lid and I are at dance!
First up is bathtime. They love bathtime and typically play in there for 1/2 hour... sometimes an hour! They have quite the imagination in the bathtime. Their favorite game to play is "Giant Tomato!" I'm not sure what the game really is, but I'm always the Giant Tomato :) After that, we get on their pj's, clean their ears (they just got their ears pierced) brush their teeth, and brush their hair. Then before bedtime they watch one show. Lately, it's been Finding Nemo. They also typically request popcorn at this time too. Then this is where Mama gets to catch up on a show while the girls watch one of their shows. And Papa usually reads because he hates Mama shows. :)  But don't be fooled. I don't always get peace and quiet during this time. No, no, no. They are always asking for a million more cereal bars/glasses of milk/fruit snacks/ bananas/hugs and kisses.
9:00pm: (sometimes a little earlier/sometimes a little later depending on naps that day)
It's bedtime. Bedtime can be crazy and is sometimes survival mode with two manipulating/non wanting to go to bed toddlers. BUT! We put the girls to bed at the same time. Papa goes in with one, and I go in with the other. Then we will switch and say goonight to the other one. We try to read them one book but that one book turns into four. They constantly want one more kiss or one more hug or one more glass of milk. While sometimes they fall asleep pretty fast and easy, other times we have to lay with them for a few minutes. It's never exactly the same but I will say that it's getting better. After the girls fall asleep, I'm in bed right after them! Mama's bedtime is typically 10pm while Papa can sometimes be a night owl!

And... that's our day! Tuesdays and Thursdays at least. Stay tuned for the rest of our week :)

February 20, 2013

The year of the Bi-polar...

2.5 years old. The Terrible Twos. Or in our case, the Bi-polar year.

It happened to Lidia. Although, she was our more "difficult" always dramatic, oversensitive, "knows what she wants and wants it NOW!" type of child. So her "terrible twos" weren't as obvious to us because, in a way, she always had that "terrible two" in her from the beginning.

But Lidia at 3.5 years old is an absolute angel. Obviously she has her moments though. She has to go in time-out for not listening, fighting with her sister, crying, etc. etc. But 90% of the time Lidia is this amazing KID. Seriously, I don't see much of a toddler in her anymore. She is turning into a sweet, caring, loving, concerned, big girl! She is an amazing listener, she loves to help with everything, wants to know everything, asks a million questions, and talks like she's 15 years old. The other night while putting her to bed, I laid with her and just talked to her. We talked about our day, what we were going to do the next day, what sissy did, how much she loves her Papa, and we even made up a story about princess Ariel, Jasmine, and Snow White having a sleepover together. She's so sweet, smart, and funny! Her daycare has definitely brought out this other side of Lidia that isn't shy and that loves people! She's a people pleaser for sure, but I think her age has a lot to do with it as well.
But then there's Carly.
Carly the crazy person. Carly the 2 1/2 year old. And I know that I could stop there because everyone can see where this is going, but nope. I will enlighten you on the torture that we have been enduring over the past month :)

Let me preface this by saying that Carly is super sweet. She does this melt your heart thing where she grabs your cheeks with her hands, holds your face, kisses you and whispers, "I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Youre my best friend! You're so beautiful!" She is also SO FUNNY. This kid makes people laugh everyday. My mom always says she's going to be an actress. The other day, I walked into her room and she was laying in her bed, with a mirror in her hand, and she was pretending to cry. She was saying, "I'm never gonna be a beauty queen after all! I'm never gonna be a princess!" and then saw me and laughed. Seriously?! She's so silly. She also says funny things all the time like, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" and "I'm gonna throw you in the garbage! You hear me?!" She's so funny....

....Until 2 minutes later she is biting Lidia and then looks at you, then smacks Lidia right in the face. Then she runs away and makes you chase her. She thinks pain is funny. She thinks that not listening is even funnier. She's in timeout about 1/4 of the day and it is not helping. Between all of this, she is also just a maniac! She is always getting into or jumping off of something. She never sits still. So mix a wild, crazy, go go go type of personality with the terrible twos? It's a disaster. Matt says it's payback from his childhood and I totally agree... ha! The other day, I picked them up from school and I walked in to Carly with a bucket on her head, chasing 2 little girls around and screaming, "RAWRRRR! I'm gonna GETCHA!!!" Her teacher was right there and said, "Yeahhhh Carly's turned into an ornery little girl lately." That is NOT something we want to hear. It's one thing for her to be naughty at home, but she needs to listen to her teachers at school. She's only there 2 days a week! We are definitely working on that with her. Or at least trying...

But at least we know that there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. We already know that Lidia got past this stage and so will Carly. Right? Right? Someone tell me she will be "normal" again?! She won't be "terrible" or "bi-polar" forever right?!

February 14, 2013

We've been doing things. An Instagram catch-up

I have a million pictures and videos on my phone. Most of the pictures are from the girls taking my phone and taking pictures of themselves, the sky, me, the toilet.... ya know... real important things. And I just realized I haven't shared most of the pictures (or videos) on here lately, so lucky you, you get to see them :) But! We have been up to some pretty important things lately....

Like.... taking pictures as I just mentioned....
... and getting haircuts. Lidia's hair needed cut so bad, so I took them one night after work. Carly's didn't need cut at all but she had to get hers cut because Lidia was! Obviously... 
We've also been hanging out with our besties Ramsey and Emery. The first playdate was at our house. It consisted of Just Dance Disney, snacks, mac n cheese, lots of toys, fun, and a HUGE disaster in our basement! The second playdate was at their house (hallelujah!) and it consisted of making cookies, playing with playdoh, playing jail and bad guys?, and putting on a rock concert. These kiddos have so much fun together!

The girls are still obsessed with being princesses, dressing up, singing, dancing, and putting on shows multiple times a day. So most of our days? They look like this. Then put that on repeat and you have a typical "day in the life"
We went to the library last week for storytime/crafttime/playtime. The girls love the library! Not so much the storytime because the whole time they were asking to play with magnets. They are obsessed with these certain magnets because they have them at school too. So after a few meltdowns, they finally got their magnet fix and walked away with a cool little octopus craft too :) 
The girls have been having lots of fun at Lulu's house on Wednesday afternoons! Who wouldn't love to visit their babes on their lunch break and see this??? Lidia being a hair stylist, and turning her grandma into a rockstar doctor! They don't have any fun, do they??!

The girls, like most sisters have been having a serious love/hate relationship lately. They are obsessed with each other. They always want to be around each other, play together, talk to each other, make each other laugh, etc. etc. etc. BUT, they also fight nonstop. It's a non-stop bi-polar atmosphere going on at our house and it's enough to drive you crazy! But regardless of the fighting, screaming, and the "stop being mean to me!!" going on, they do have alot of fun and sweet moments together! Like these....
 ... and in other news, we've also been...
*being cute.
*being sassy
*falling asleep on the couch at 6:30pm
*falling asleep and looking like an angel.
*curling our hair like a princess
*taking trips to the park
*riding our scooter in the living room
*finding treasure at the park
*Carly got her ears pierced!
*and Carly has turned into your typical terrible two!

Oh yeah... And I turned 27 on Tuesday. I'm so old. Oyyyyy

February 05, 2013

Future Photographers and Models

The girls are REALLY into taking pictures lately. Lidia knows how to work my camera phone. I hand her my phone and the next thing I know, I have 125,000 pictures of the wall, the ground, half of Carly, my face, and videos of Lidia talking. It's cute and so hilarious. They are also into having their pictures taken too. Which is awesome! So I have definitley taken advantage of that recently because I know that phase will soon end....
Don't let me fool you...
They aren't ALWAYS such good sports about taking pictures.
Lidia's new thing is to always say, "CHEESE!" but hardly look at the camera.
Sometimes I can't get either to look at the camera like so....
(Yes, we went roller skating and it was still as cool as it was in middle school :)

Also, sometimes they have no choice of my picture taking.
Like below....
This is Carly's new timeout spot because she can get out of every other timeout spot.
She was HAPPY about this situation....Whoops :P
Sometimes you just gotta laugh when they are acting crazy....

February 04, 2013

Lidia gets her ears pierced!

My family has a lot of traditions.
Christmas traditions, birthday traditions, ear piercing traditions....????
Yes. It may seem weird but hear me out.
When I was two years old, I had to get glasses.
The weekend that I had to get glasses, my aunt Jo took me to get them.
While we picked up my glasses, my aunt Jo decided to get my ears pierced also.
Without telling my mom.
I came home with glasses and earrings.
At two years old :)

So, what probably was a traumatic day in my mom's life, turned into a family tradition!
And it was passed on to my little sister.
She got her ears pierced when she was two also.
An aunt didn't take her, but my older sister did.

If you know my sister Ami, you know she takes traditions very seriously.
When Lidia was two, she tried to be sneaky and take her to get her ears pierced.
One day, I got a call and Ami wanted to "spend time alone with Lidia"
She said she was taking her to lunch or something and I was totally cool with it.
She DID take her to lunch but she ALSO tried to get her ears pierced.
No Bueno.
Lidia wasn't exactly a stellar two year old at that time.
She was scared of a lot of things, very picky, and just a grump!
(Sorry Lids! But it's true! You are MUCH better now!)
Anyway, Lidia didn't want her ears pierced.
Which was totally fine!
Ami would try again when she was older.

And now she's older.
So, last week we were all at my parent's for dinner and the ear piercing got brought up.
Lidia heard "pink splarkly earrings" and she was in!
So it was on.
So last Saturday, January 26th, my big, srong, amazing three year old got her ears pierced!
It was a different scenario since I was aware that she was getting them done, BUT I was not allowed to come!
And I was totally ok with that.
It's tradition after all!

So how did my baby do?
See for yourself....
Not one single tear, fuss, or anything!
She was a trooper!
She never touches her earrings because "the two ladies' told her not to"
She still loves them!
She shows everyone her "pink and gray splarkly earrings"
She tells everyone that her Aunt Bubba took her.

What a great memory for those two to have together, huh?
Love it.

February 01, 2013

Science Center

Our house got hit with the sickies this month. Last week, Lidia had pink eye and this week Lidia was SUPER sick. (Papa was sick too. Carly and I have been pretty healthy, so fingers crossed it stays that way!) Anyway the past few days Lidia has been home with a 105 fever, bad cough, tummy hurts, head hurts, throat hurts, ears hurts.... I took her to the doctor and he just chalked it up to being some sort of virus and a double ear infection. So she's on an antibiotic and some prescription cough medicine but she's on the mend now!

Annnnnyway, I've been behind here, so I thought I'd do a little catch up from my camera from the past couple months. Soooo....A month ago? A few weeks ago? A few months ago? (I seriously have no idea!) Anyway, some time ago, the girls and I took a little trip by ourselves to the Science Center. It was really fun! The girls were great and there was so much to do! A liiiiiittlle expensive, so we will probably only go once or twice a year. But definitley worth it.
The best part of the trip was that the girls were on the news! I don't know how often they do this, but the meteorologist from one of our local news stations was doing the weather at the Science Center during the noon hour that day, and the girls were apart of it! It was so cute. We got to the Science Center fifteen minutes before noon and I asked the front desk guy where to start. (Because there are several different rooms and I'd never been before) He told me that the news would be airing in about 15 minutes upstairs, so we went to check it out. I had no idea what was going on and that the girls would actually be on the news, but once I realized what was going on, I called Matt right away. Luckily he was home on his lunch break and able to DVR it. Here is the group of kiddos that day on the news....
After that, we headed to the other rooms to explore!
I love that the girls are making the same faces... ha!
We also got to see some reptiles and all those gross creatures that I do not like. But of course, the girls loved them! Here is Lidia holding up her "one finger to touch the animals."
We did puppets after that.
Went to the SuperMarket :)
Played with bubbles.
...and went to Mars!
It was a fun day! :)