February 14, 2013

We've been doing things. An Instagram catch-up

I have a million pictures and videos on my phone. Most of the pictures are from the girls taking my phone and taking pictures of themselves, the sky, me, the toilet.... ya know... real important things. And I just realized I haven't shared most of the pictures (or videos) on here lately, so lucky you, you get to see them :) But! We have been up to some pretty important things lately....

Like.... taking pictures as I just mentioned....
... and getting haircuts. Lidia's hair needed cut so bad, so I took them one night after work. Carly's didn't need cut at all but she had to get hers cut because Lidia was! Obviously... 
We've also been hanging out with our besties Ramsey and Emery. The first playdate was at our house. It consisted of Just Dance Disney, snacks, mac n cheese, lots of toys, fun, and a HUGE disaster in our basement! The second playdate was at their house (hallelujah!) and it consisted of making cookies, playing with playdoh, playing jail and bad guys?, and putting on a rock concert. These kiddos have so much fun together!

The girls are still obsessed with being princesses, dressing up, singing, dancing, and putting on shows multiple times a day. So most of our days? They look like this. Then put that on repeat and you have a typical "day in the life"
We went to the library last week for storytime/crafttime/playtime. The girls love the library! Not so much the storytime because the whole time they were asking to play with magnets. They are obsessed with these certain magnets because they have them at school too. So after a few meltdowns, they finally got their magnet fix and walked away with a cool little octopus craft too :) 
The girls have been having lots of fun at Lulu's house on Wednesday afternoons! Who wouldn't love to visit their babes on their lunch break and see this??? Lidia being a hair stylist, and turning her grandma into a rockstar doctor! They don't have any fun, do they??!

The girls, like most sisters have been having a serious love/hate relationship lately. They are obsessed with each other. They always want to be around each other, play together, talk to each other, make each other laugh, etc. etc. etc. BUT, they also fight nonstop. It's a non-stop bi-polar atmosphere going on at our house and it's enough to drive you crazy! But regardless of the fighting, screaming, and the "stop being mean to me!!" going on, they do have alot of fun and sweet moments together! Like these....
 ... and in other news, we've also been...
*being cute.
*being sassy
*falling asleep on the couch at 6:30pm
*falling asleep and looking like an angel.
*curling our hair like a princess
*taking trips to the park
*riding our scooter in the living room
*finding treasure at the park
*Carly got her ears pierced!
*and Carly has turned into your typical terrible two!

Oh yeah... And I turned 27 on Tuesday. I'm so old. Oyyyyy


Joeylee said...

Cute pictures. I need to take the girls to get their hair trimmed. I have never had their hair cut

Shawna said...

Cute pics! I love that they rarely have clothes on haha.

Happy Birthday!