March 27, 2013

Easter Happenin's

We went to see the Easter Bunny and ride the train last week. When I told Lidia what we were doing she instantly said, "Mommy!! We get to see the Easter Bunny?! We have to put on our pretty Easter dresses!" Yes, the Easter dresses meant for Easter service at church on Sunday. Oyyy. But you know what? You only live once and my princesses got to dress up all pretty to go see the Easter Bunny... on a Monday morning. HA! They also went to Chuck E Chesse afterwards in the same dresses. And ate pizza in those dresses. But oh well right?

Anyway, I love Easter. For obvious reasons of our faith, but that also it means it's officially Spring!
Except umm... there is still snow on the ground. But this week is looking up! It's supposed to be in the 50's this week, and it better be because we are hosting our first annual Easter Egg Hunt at my mom's house for friends and family this year! My mom has a greenbelt area with a park pretty much in her backyard, so we will be having the hunt there. It should be a great time! Also, this will be the first year that we are going to dye Easter eggs! The girls are obsessed with crafts and painting so this will be so fun for them. And I'm sure they will ask to do it every day this week :)

Besides Easter dresses, dying Easter eggs, church services, and Easter egg hunts... The girls will be waking up on Sunday morning to these beauties in their Easter baskets. (Lidia's is Snow White and Carly's is Tinkerbelle)

I decided to start a little tradition and give them a new swimsuit each Easter.
Better than candy right?
Who am I kididng?
There will be candy too :)
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March 20, 2013

A day in the life // 4 day weekend

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So I last left off on my "day in the life" posts talking about our typical Tuesdays and Thursdays which are the days I work and where we have the most structure during our week. But we haven't talked about Wednesdays yet or our 4-day weekends! So let's start with Wednesday....

The girls don't go to daycare so we can save on daycare costs. So on Wednesday mornings they stay at home with Uncle Eric until my mom gets off work, and then they go to my moms house for the afternoon. My mom's house is only blocks away from my work, so 95% of the time I go to her house on my lunch. Once I get off work, we hang out for a couple more hours and have dinner and then head home and do our typical bedtime routine.

But last Wednesday was different. Last Wednesday Lulu (my mom) was sick. So the girls stayed home with Uncle Eric. Their day ended up being prettttttty lazy so when we got home from work we took them to the Y! I tried to play in the gym with the girls before the pool opened since I had been at work all day and I missed them.... BUT NOPE! They didn't want to play with their boring old mama! They wanted to "play with new friends" in the daycare. Apparently I'm chopped liver now. Sooooo I got my workout on for 30 minutes and then we went swimming.
I know I already talked about our Thursdays, but Thursday nights officially start our 4-day weekend and this Thursday was kind of special for Carlyy! I picked up the girls from school on Thursday and Lidia would not take off her Dr. Seuss craft she made. They are learning about Dr. Seuss all month and she loves it! Then we went to dance and took Carly with us! During the last five minutes of class, the teachers let Carly come in and "dance" with Lidia! It was so cute and Lidia was so proud to "teach" her dance moves! 

HOORAY for days we get to sleep in, am I right?! Typically on Fridays we wake up around 8am. The girls eat breakfast, play, and watch a show. I clean the kitchen, pick up, vaccum, etc. Then we shower, get ready for the day and usually head out and do something fun in the late morning. This Friday we had an appointment to tour Lidia's preschool. AHHHHHHHHH! Lidia is old enough for preschool? So crazy.

After that, we met Lacie/Ramsey/baby Emery at Target, Home Depot and Culvers for lunch! After lunch we went home and I tried to get them to rest but that didn't happen. So we made grandpa's birthday cake for that evening. It ended up being a Pinterest fail. Then Papa came home early so he took the girls to the Y for an hour to swim and give me some "me time" that afternoon. Yay Papa! So in that time I was able to finish the cake and clean some more. Once they got home from the Y, we headed over to my mom's to celebrate Grandpa's birthday! (It's on St. Patty's day but we celebrated early) I was babysitting our friend Collin that night so he came over too. We ate Reubens, did a scavenger hunt for Grandpa to find his present (Fleetwood Mac tickets!!) and then went home because the girls were GRUMPY! and TIRED! because they didn't nap.

Woke up. Fed and played with Collin and the girls. Collin went home. We went to the St. Patty's day parade downtown. (FAIL! cold and crowded) Went home. Rested. Went to London's birthday party for a few hours. Went home. Bubba came over around 7pm to play with the girls. Papa and I met friends out for St. Patty's Day. Girls fell asleep between 8 and 9. We were home around 10.

(I have plenty of pictures on my camera from Friday and Saturday but this is all I got from my phone from those two days!)
We didn't end up going to church. We got up, dressed in GREEN for St. Patty's day, went to the store, came home and cleaned, and then went to the airport because we were picking up a special guest to spend the week with us!...... GRANDMA KIKI! She flew in from Arizona for the week!  We had dinner that night (Chicken Spaghetti and broccoli salad... yum!) and then relaxed the rest of the night! Carly was asleep by 7pm if that gives you any idea of our lazy night. :)
Monday turned into Grandma Kiki fun day! I was obviously off work so we wanted to do something fun with the girls. The girls got dressed in their Easter dresses (their idea, not mine!) and went to see the Easter bunny and ride the train! After that the girls got pretzels and played at the play place. Then we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to play and eat pizza! Busy busy day! And yes, the girls definitely needed a nap after that day!
....and that's a "not so typical" day in the life post of our 4-day weekends! Considering this weekend was a holiday, we had two birthday parties, a sleepover with Collin, Kiki came and more! But you get the idea :)

March 14, 2013

L&C Happenin's // Hockey game and a Princess room

Oh Carly... she's had quite the last two weeks!
Her "terrible two's" have settled down... for the moment, so she's been much more pleasant to be around!
So what has she been doing?
(from top left to bottom right)

1.She's in a huge Dora stage. ALWAYS wanting to watch it and ALWAYS singing the songs. Remember she met Dora a few weeks ago? Yeah. So that's probably why she's currently obsessed. Anyway, so the child now sleeps with two Dora dolls :)

2. One day we had a lonng day. You know the day I'm talking about... ::ahem no nap, up early type of day::: So yeah. Papa got home from work and wanted to go to the YMCA for swimming... but Carly? She was a hot mess and wouldn't have made it to swimming before falling asleep. So Papa took Lidia and I stayed home with Carly. She was sooooooo sad. So what did we do? Put on a swimsuit during bathtime and "swam!"

3. and 4. This weekend we went to a hockey game with a few of our closest friends! SO FUN! Definitely doing it again soon!

5. Miss Thang got a stomach bug this week. On the way home from daycare on Thursday, she threw up all over the car and the bug continued all weekend. Poor thing! We tried to go out for pizza on Friday night because she seemed to be feeling better but nope, threw up at the restaurant. Funnnnnn.

6. We played with Baby Emery and Ramsey one morning.

7. 8. and 9. .... more sick Carly :(
So Lidia.
Lidia had a pretty big week too! She finally got her princess room finished and is obsessed with it!
Her favorite thing to do now is to sit at her "craft desk" and color and cut paper. I'm so glad she loves it!
In other Lidia news this week...

1. She ended up getting Carly's stomach bug too. But for only one day! Hallelujah!
2. Her and Carly love playing in her princess bed!
3. and 4. The girls and I had a sleepover at a friends house one night because her hubby was out of town. It was fun! The girls loved sleeping in Ramsey's loft bed but I didn't enjoy them waking each other up all night.... oyyyy.
5. The girls doing a craft at Lidia's table!
6. Princess Lidia got new shoes. UGH. They are hideous! BUT? They are Cinderella and they light up so she had to have them, right?
7. She took about 32435 more pictures of herself this week.
8. She played dressed up about 340985 more times this week and got a new floaty for the pool!
9. ... and continued to enjoy bath/play time with her sissy.
And more randomness from the past two weeks...
1. and 3. The girls got new robes and they love them!
2. Lunch date at Chick-Fil-A
4. Collin's CARS birthday party
5. Sass. Attitude. Dress-up. Need I say more?
6. "Playing instruments"
7. Playing on ladders at Home Depot
8. More dress-up and more "going to the ball to marry a prince"
9. Sister love.

March 12, 2013

"I'm BUSY!"

.... The girls tell me that all the time.
When they don't want to pick up something, when they are coloring and I ask them a question... etc. etc. etc.
But, it's true.
We have been busy.
So I'm going to catch you up on a few things via my camera.
Yes, it's been awhile but I do take my camera out... sometimes! :)

One day we were playing dressup and the girls asked me to take their pictures.
Don't have to ask me twice!
So the girls called it a "beautiful princess photo shoot" and they were so cute while I was taking their pictures!
We also celebrated baby Emery's 1st birthday!
Her party was Hello Kitty themed and it was a lot of fun!
And... I was able to take pictures of the whole party and put together a little book of her first birthday for my bestie :)
.... the kids had ALOT of fun playing as you can tell!
Besides that, we've been busy redoing Lidia's "princess room" and sporting a whole lot of sass!

March 08, 2013

4 months until 4

Lidia will turn 4 in July. Obviously I'm biased and I think my kids are the best thing since sliced bread, but I truly do believe that Lidia is so smart.  She is always wanting to learn and know more. She remembers EVERYTHING.  She's also the biggest people pleaser and has the biggest heart. She can't let a person leave without giving kisses and hugs and always saying, "Goodbye. I love you!" She is everyone's best friend. She's just a joy to be around and I love watching her grow and learn each day.  She still has her sassy/not listening moments but for the most part those aren't around these days and I'm so proud of who she is and I'm so excited to see what 4 years old will bring us!
So what else is new in Lidia world right now? Well, we recently started going back to church on a regular basis and the girls get very excited to go each Sunday. Lidia comes home with new bible stories each week. It's so cute to hear her repeat her lesson she learned during church... "Mommy! Jesus put mud on that mans eyes and wiped it with water and then he was healed! He could see!" So cute.

Lidia is really into letters and numbers and wants to learn how to spell everything. She points out letters and numbers anywhere we go. She knows how to spell most of our family's names: Lidia, Mom,  Britt, Dad, Lulu, Grandpa, Noah, Papa, Chloe and a few others. She also loves to color and is really into using scissors, glue, and tape. Around Valentine's Day we taught her how to cut out hearts, so now she wants to cut hearts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lidia is still in her "Why?!" stage....
"Mommy what are you doing?"
"Making dinner"
"Why are you making dinner?"
"Because you, sissy, and Papa are hungry"
"Why are we hungry?"
"Because it's dinner time and your tummy isn't full"
"Why isn't my tummy full?"
"Because you haven't ate dinner"
"Why haven't I ate dinner?"
........ Yeah. That.
All day. Every day.

Lidia learned how to "clean" her room a few weeks ago and she's so proud when she does it.

She doesn't take naps anymore. But she sure is a snuggler.
She wears 5T clothing and size 10 shoes.

She is fully potty trained. Like completely. Her poop issue we had? Long gone. She hasn't had an accident in.... I don't know... a year? And hardly has accidents at night also.

She wants to wear a headband at all times. Not a bow. A headband. So we probaby have 30 headbands and like 10 bows at our house.

Her eating habits are pretty much the same. She sticks to food that she knows she likes and that pretty much includes; broccoli, spaghetti with no sauce, soft shell taco shells, yogurt and pudding, apples, strawberries, waffles and pancakes, bacon, chicken nuggets and fries, and any snack you can think of. Popcorn is her favorite. Obviously...
She still takes ballet/tap class every Thursday and is still going strong! She loves it and I'm so glad we stuck with it!

Her favorite color is pink. Like obsessed with pink. She has pink eye and she said, "I LOVE pink eye because my favorite color is pink!" yeahhhh....

Lidia has ALWAYS been a momma's girl. ALWAYS. But recently? Daddy/Papa girl. :( :( :(

She still loves her ears being pierced. Every day she says, "We have to clean my ears! Every morning and every night, right momma?"

She still loves daycare. Even though she only goes 2 days a week, she talks about her best friends quite often and they all love her too.
She still loves all princesses and right now her favorites are Ariel and Merida. (from Brave)

Lidia (and Carly too) loves to go swimming at the Y. She's getting really brave in the water too. She loves to try and "float" and "go under water"

She still LOVES to sing and dance. Her favorite songs on the radio right now are; Thrift Shop (ummm yeah... embarrassing but all she knows is "20 dollars in my pocket!" haha) We are Young by Fun, Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez, Payphone and One more night by Marroon 5, anything Taylor Swift, (and many more but too many to list!) and she also loves to dance and sing to her Dance Disney for the Wii.

She loves to help. Whether it be putting dishes in the sink when she's done eating or putting her dirty clothes in her laundry basket or help momma clean. She loves it. I think she loves the praise after she does it most of all!
She is still our girly girl and loves to get her hair and nails done. She still loves to dress up in beautiful dresses and also play dress-up.

Talking to Lidia is like talking to one of my friends. We have full on conversations and tell each other stories and everything. She's so big!

She loves hearing jokes and laughing. She thinks her sissy is the funniest person in the world.

She's also really really loud, silly, and crazy.

.... and that's all I can think of to update about Miss Lidia.