March 08, 2013

4 months until 4

Lidia will turn 4 in July. Obviously I'm biased and I think my kids are the best thing since sliced bread, but I truly do believe that Lidia is so smart.  She is always wanting to learn and know more. She remembers EVERYTHING.  She's also the biggest people pleaser and has the biggest heart. She can't let a person leave without giving kisses and hugs and always saying, "Goodbye. I love you!" She is everyone's best friend. She's just a joy to be around and I love watching her grow and learn each day.  She still has her sassy/not listening moments but for the most part those aren't around these days and I'm so proud of who she is and I'm so excited to see what 4 years old will bring us!
So what else is new in Lidia world right now? Well, we recently started going back to church on a regular basis and the girls get very excited to go each Sunday. Lidia comes home with new bible stories each week. It's so cute to hear her repeat her lesson she learned during church... "Mommy! Jesus put mud on that mans eyes and wiped it with water and then he was healed! He could see!" So cute.

Lidia is really into letters and numbers and wants to learn how to spell everything. She points out letters and numbers anywhere we go. She knows how to spell most of our family's names: Lidia, Mom,  Britt, Dad, Lulu, Grandpa, Noah, Papa, Chloe and a few others. She also loves to color and is really into using scissors, glue, and tape. Around Valentine's Day we taught her how to cut out hearts, so now she wants to cut hearts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lidia is still in her "Why?!" stage....
"Mommy what are you doing?"
"Making dinner"
"Why are you making dinner?"
"Because you, sissy, and Papa are hungry"
"Why are we hungry?"
"Because it's dinner time and your tummy isn't full"
"Why isn't my tummy full?"
"Because you haven't ate dinner"
"Why haven't I ate dinner?"
........ Yeah. That.
All day. Every day.

Lidia learned how to "clean" her room a few weeks ago and she's so proud when she does it.

She doesn't take naps anymore. But she sure is a snuggler.
She wears 5T clothing and size 10 shoes.

She is fully potty trained. Like completely. Her poop issue we had? Long gone. She hasn't had an accident in.... I don't know... a year? And hardly has accidents at night also.

She wants to wear a headband at all times. Not a bow. A headband. So we probaby have 30 headbands and like 10 bows at our house.

Her eating habits are pretty much the same. She sticks to food that she knows she likes and that pretty much includes; broccoli, spaghetti with no sauce, soft shell taco shells, yogurt and pudding, apples, strawberries, waffles and pancakes, bacon, chicken nuggets and fries, and any snack you can think of. Popcorn is her favorite. Obviously...
She still takes ballet/tap class every Thursday and is still going strong! She loves it and I'm so glad we stuck with it!

Her favorite color is pink. Like obsessed with pink. She has pink eye and she said, "I LOVE pink eye because my favorite color is pink!" yeahhhh....

Lidia has ALWAYS been a momma's girl. ALWAYS. But recently? Daddy/Papa girl. :( :( :(

She still loves her ears being pierced. Every day she says, "We have to clean my ears! Every morning and every night, right momma?"

She still loves daycare. Even though she only goes 2 days a week, she talks about her best friends quite often and they all love her too.
She still loves all princesses and right now her favorites are Ariel and Merida. (from Brave)

Lidia (and Carly too) loves to go swimming at the Y. She's getting really brave in the water too. She loves to try and "float" and "go under water"

She still LOVES to sing and dance. Her favorite songs on the radio right now are; Thrift Shop (ummm yeah... embarrassing but all she knows is "20 dollars in my pocket!" haha) We are Young by Fun, Love you like a love song by Selena Gomez, Payphone and One more night by Marroon 5, anything Taylor Swift, (and many more but too many to list!) and she also loves to dance and sing to her Dance Disney for the Wii.

She loves to help. Whether it be putting dishes in the sink when she's done eating or putting her dirty clothes in her laundry basket or help momma clean. She loves it. I think she loves the praise after she does it most of all!
She is still our girly girl and loves to get her hair and nails done. She still loves to dress up in beautiful dresses and also play dress-up.

Talking to Lidia is like talking to one of my friends. We have full on conversations and tell each other stories and everything. She's so big!

She loves hearing jokes and laughing. She thinks her sissy is the funniest person in the world.

She's also really really loud, silly, and crazy.

.... and that's all I can think of to update about Miss Lidia.


Joeylee said...

Lidia & kaylee are so much alike it's crazy.
I can't believe we are going to have 4 year olds soon

Stephanie said...

So sweet :) I can't wait til I have kiddos of my own!