March 14, 2013

L&C Happenin's // Hockey game and a Princess room

Oh Carly... she's had quite the last two weeks!
Her "terrible two's" have settled down... for the moment, so she's been much more pleasant to be around!
So what has she been doing?
(from top left to bottom right)

1.She's in a huge Dora stage. ALWAYS wanting to watch it and ALWAYS singing the songs. Remember she met Dora a few weeks ago? Yeah. So that's probably why she's currently obsessed. Anyway, so the child now sleeps with two Dora dolls :)

2. One day we had a lonng day. You know the day I'm talking about... ::ahem no nap, up early type of day::: So yeah. Papa got home from work and wanted to go to the YMCA for swimming... but Carly? She was a hot mess and wouldn't have made it to swimming before falling asleep. So Papa took Lidia and I stayed home with Carly. She was sooooooo sad. So what did we do? Put on a swimsuit during bathtime and "swam!"

3. and 4. This weekend we went to a hockey game with a few of our closest friends! SO FUN! Definitely doing it again soon!

5. Miss Thang got a stomach bug this week. On the way home from daycare on Thursday, she threw up all over the car and the bug continued all weekend. Poor thing! We tried to go out for pizza on Friday night because she seemed to be feeling better but nope, threw up at the restaurant. Funnnnnn.

6. We played with Baby Emery and Ramsey one morning.

7. 8. and 9. .... more sick Carly :(
So Lidia.
Lidia had a pretty big week too! She finally got her princess room finished and is obsessed with it!
Her favorite thing to do now is to sit at her "craft desk" and color and cut paper. I'm so glad she loves it!
In other Lidia news this week...

1. She ended up getting Carly's stomach bug too. But for only one day! Hallelujah!
2. Her and Carly love playing in her princess bed!
3. and 4. The girls and I had a sleepover at a friends house one night because her hubby was out of town. It was fun! The girls loved sleeping in Ramsey's loft bed but I didn't enjoy them waking each other up all night.... oyyyy.
5. The girls doing a craft at Lidia's table!
6. Princess Lidia got new shoes. UGH. They are hideous! BUT? They are Cinderella and they light up so she had to have them, right?
7. She took about 32435 more pictures of herself this week.
8. She played dressed up about 340985 more times this week and got a new floaty for the pool!
9. ... and continued to enjoy bath/play time with her sissy.
And more randomness from the past two weeks...
1. and 3. The girls got new robes and they love them!
2. Lunch date at Chick-Fil-A
4. Collin's CARS birthday party
5. Sass. Attitude. Dress-up. Need I say more?
6. "Playing instruments"
7. Playing on ladders at Home Depot
8. More dress-up and more "going to the ball to marry a prince"
9. Sister love.

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Stephanie said...

Wow, busy week for Lidia and Carly! Glad the stomach bug is gone, that's no fun.