April 30, 2013

Let's summarize

(Lid caught this fish! She was so proud!)

Trips to the park.
Dance class.
Catching fish.

That's a pretty good summary of our weekend.
(Full recap of our camping weekend with pictures from my camera coming this week!)

April 24, 2013

Oh... hello!

Those are a few of my favorite Instagram pictures from the last few weeks.
Last few weeks?
It's been that long, huh?
And I don't have a lot to show for it.
Well we've been doing a lot of the usual and adding in a few fun things and voila!
Two weeks have passed in blog world.
Oh well, right?
So let's just catch up picture style, ok?

Well last week I was sick. So there's that. BUT at least the girls and Matt didn't get it! But this weekend we were able to venture out to Raccoon River park where there is a beach, a park, walking paths, baseball games and more. The girls had a blast! Lidia brought her bike, Carly brought her scooter, and Papa brought Bailey, (our dog) and I apparently brought (or turned into) Spiderman according to the girls. Don't ask :)
Last weekend I went to Bon Jovi! There were about 10 girls that went. It was fun? I mean, yes, Bon Jovi is always fun (I go to every concert of his that comes to town!) but we had terrible seats! As in, literally, the highest row up in the auditorium Ooof. I guess those are the seats you get when ten woman want to sit together! (Don't worry, I snuck down closer during the last two songs! Shhhh) 
We also took a trip to Bass Pro Shop one Saturday afternoon! We recently got a Bass Pro near us within the last couple years and hadn't been until then. It was fun! And free! The girls loved seeing the fish, watched the fish get fed, checked out the Princess fishing poles, climbed on the boats, and played racing games with Papa! (Lidia won!)
Carly, Aunt Bubs, and I all went to brunch one morning. And Carly had.... ummm... BUTTER for her meal. Yeah. Her newest thing is wanting to eat butter. GROSS! (And obviously we don't let her eat only butter... that was just for picture purposes :)
 .... And, as always, we've been having playdates! We love our friends!
Other than that, we've been spending a lot of our time outside when it's not cold/raining, playing and riding bikes, we've been doing some spring cleaning, we went to Monkey Joe's, Papa ran in the Glow Run race, Papa and I had a date night to Fong's pizza, we've started doing yardwork, and just spending time together!

April 11, 2013

Asthma & Allergies

Last week I mentioned that we were taking Lidia to an allergist on Friday to figure out this chronic cough that she's had for a long time now.Well, just as suspected, she has both allergies and asthma. They did an allergy test on her back and it came back that she is allergic to dust mites and cockroaches. Cockroaches! The doctor said that they are in the same family as dust mites and that is probably why it showed up that she is allergic to both. Which is a good thing because cockroaches, really?!  If you aren't familiar with how they test for allergies, they take four different comb-like tools with small needles on the end that are filled with possible allergies. Such as dogs, cats, outdoor allergies, dust mites, etc. Then they put these prong/comb-like tools on her back, and we had to wait ten minutes to see if she reacted to anything. Which she obviously did....
She was also diagnosed with mild Asthma. The doctor thinks that her asthma was induced by her allergies and that it will hopefully go away within a few years once we get her lungs settled down and not so inflammed. So what do we do for her allergies and asthma? Well Lidia is currently taking Claritin once a day for her allergies. She also has to get a special mattress cover for her bed to prevent dust mites as much as possible, although they are a part of the environment and we can't fully prevent her from being around them. Also, she isn't supposed to be around us while doing things like sweeping or vaccuming. For her asthma, right now she has to take an inhaler twice a day and she has a special inhaler in case she has any more asthma attacks. And of course we will be keeping  a close eye on her while she's running around/being active so that she doesn't have an attack. Anyway, I hate knowing that she has to take medicine and an inhaler daily, but I'm glad that we are getting our baby girl healthy and optimistic that this won't be a forever thing!
In other news, the girls are obsessed with being outside and riding their bikes and scooters. And I totally don't blame them, it's been a looooonnnng winter. So that's where we've been lately. Chillin' in our driveway and backyard. In fact, that's pretty much all we did all weekend long. And we didn't hate it.

But one thing Carly does hate?
Strollers. Grocery carts. Swings.
Pretty much any moving object because they "scare" her.
Weird, I know.
So something that's funny?
Last Thursday while Lidia and I were at dance, Papa and Carly went on a walk.
Well apparently Papa was not aware of this "I hate my stroller" thing Carly has going on..... (like she's hated them since she was born... get with it Papa! I kid.)
Anyway, they took a walk. He brought the stroller. She wasn't having it. He wasn't going to hold her the whole time. You get where I'm going.
So this happened....
And I died from the laughter. Because this is what I deal with at the mall, the store, EVERYWHERE!

April 04, 2013

Dear Spring & a little prayer

Dear Spring,
Nice to see you in full effect... FINALLY.
We've definitely been enjoying you lately in our cute matching neon pink spring jackets.
We've been doing your usual Spring agenda items such as;
Playing on Lulu's swingset, blowing bubbles, BBQ's with friends, playing with chalk, taking trips to the park, swinging and sliding, and DQ trips for ice cream!
Our favorite things to do with you, Spring, is to ride scooters and bikes everywhere. We also like to make "sassy faces" at you since you took so long to come around. Spring shadows are fun too, but only when the 3 year old takes the pictures for the mama. But you are tricky one, Spring. You like to tease us and leave for a day... or two. And when you do? We don't get too upset. At least we still have play places inside, and dance to attend of course.
But the best part about you, Spring? Short sleeves, sunglasses, and sass. Lots of sass. Enough said.
Thanks for coming to play Spring, hope you stick around awhile.
Lidia and Carly (and their momma and papa too!)

.... and a little prayer for Miss Lidia.
For several months now, Lidia has had a chronic cough. And to make a long story short, we've been to the doctor and gone through different scenarios to what this could be; acid reflux, allergies, etc. So she was put on Claritin for allergies. Although the medicine hasn't had enough time to take it's full effect, her symptoms seem to be getting worse. She's coughing throughout the day (all day) and it gets worse at night. Just this week, Lidia had two, what I would call "asthma or coughing attacks" within one night while playing outside. The cold weather and physical exercise (running) seem to trigger these "attacks." So I called an asthma/allergist doctor and they want to see her right away for testing. She will be getting tested tomorrow afternoon, so please say a little prayer that we finally get something figured out. I, of course, do NOT want her to have asthma, but we'd love some anwers and relief for our princess! I will keep everyone updated!

April 02, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Easter weekend 2013 was great! It was fun-filled and jam-packed. On Thursday, Lidia went on a field trip to see the Easter bunny with school!
On Friday night we colored Easter eggs!
Saturday was our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt Party! It was a hit! I hosted the party for all of my friends at my parent's house. I decided to do it there because they have a great park/walking path area right next to their house that ended up being PERFECT for the hunt! So Friday day was spent preparing for the hunt, setting up, etc. and then Saturday morning the girls and I went over there and finished putting everything together! All of the food was "Easter themed" and turned out so cute! We had... Easter colored deviled eggs, and Easter egg cake and cupcakes, Easter cookies, broccoli/carrots shaped in a carrot with dip, cheetos in plastic bags to look like carrotts, appetizers, crackers and dip, and of course peeps on display!

My mom and her girls before the party!
We decorated the door with all our our friends names!
Showing off their Easter baskets.
Then our friends came!
All the kiddos. It was ::fun:: getting them to all take a picture together! HA!
Then it was time for the hunt!

The party turned out sooo well and very stress-free also! I'm looking forward to next year's party already!

Then on Sunday, the girls woke up to their Easter baskets!
(Disney princess swimsuits, Disney princess cups, squirt bottles, toothbrushes, Disney princess paint and paper, chapstick, and NO CANDY! My mom also got them matching spring jackets and Grandpa Bruce sent them light up toys that they are obsessed with!)
We went to church on Sunday morning and the girls dressed in their fancy dresses but I, of course, failed to take any pictures. But don't fear, here is a reminder of what they wore to church since they already wore it to see the bunny a few weeks ago! We also "failed" on the whole big Easter dinner thing on Sunday and decided to go out to eat with my mom, step-dad, and sister at Okoboji Grill after church! Hey, it was good and noone had to cook! Then the rest of the day was spent napping and cleaning! We had a really great Easter weekend!