April 11, 2013

Asthma & Allergies

Last week I mentioned that we were taking Lidia to an allergist on Friday to figure out this chronic cough that she's had for a long time now.Well, just as suspected, she has both allergies and asthma. They did an allergy test on her back and it came back that she is allergic to dust mites and cockroaches. Cockroaches! The doctor said that they are in the same family as dust mites and that is probably why it showed up that she is allergic to both. Which is a good thing because cockroaches, really?!  If you aren't familiar with how they test for allergies, they take four different comb-like tools with small needles on the end that are filled with possible allergies. Such as dogs, cats, outdoor allergies, dust mites, etc. Then they put these prong/comb-like tools on her back, and we had to wait ten minutes to see if she reacted to anything. Which she obviously did....
She was also diagnosed with mild Asthma. The doctor thinks that her asthma was induced by her allergies and that it will hopefully go away within a few years once we get her lungs settled down and not so inflammed. So what do we do for her allergies and asthma? Well Lidia is currently taking Claritin once a day for her allergies. She also has to get a special mattress cover for her bed to prevent dust mites as much as possible, although they are a part of the environment and we can't fully prevent her from being around them. Also, she isn't supposed to be around us while doing things like sweeping or vaccuming. For her asthma, right now she has to take an inhaler twice a day and she has a special inhaler in case she has any more asthma attacks. And of course we will be keeping  a close eye on her while she's running around/being active so that she doesn't have an attack. Anyway, I hate knowing that she has to take medicine and an inhaler daily, but I'm glad that we are getting our baby girl healthy and optimistic that this won't be a forever thing!
In other news, the girls are obsessed with being outside and riding their bikes and scooters. And I totally don't blame them, it's been a looooonnnng winter. So that's where we've been lately. Chillin' in our driveway and backyard. In fact, that's pretty much all we did all weekend long. And we didn't hate it.

But one thing Carly does hate?
Strollers. Grocery carts. Swings.
Pretty much any moving object because they "scare" her.
Weird, I know.
So something that's funny?
Last Thursday while Lidia and I were at dance, Papa and Carly went on a walk.
Well apparently Papa was not aware of this "I hate my stroller" thing Carly has going on..... (like she's hated them since she was born... get with it Papa! I kid.)
Anyway, they took a walk. He brought the stroller. She wasn't having it. He wasn't going to hold her the whole time. You get where I'm going.
So this happened....
And I died from the laughter. Because this is what I deal with at the mall, the store, EVERYWHERE!


Mama Tully said...

Oh your poor little lady :( I guess it's good that it isn't anything more serious and that she will hopefully grow out of it, but it's still hard to learn that you child has to be a little extra cautious and take meds.
Love the outdoor pics...looks like they are looooving bike riding weather!

Shawna said...

I had allergy testing when I was about that age...I was allergic to many things including dogs and dust mites. I completely outgrew both during elementary school some time. Hopefully you have the same luck!

Joeylee said...

well I'm glad you were able to find out what she was allergic too. I love that first picture of her.

Neil Kash said...

I feel sorry for your daughter. Asthma knows no gender nor age, and what's worst is that it can be triggered easily. Anyway, just follow the doctor's order and do everything to strengthen the immune system of your daughter. Doing so can help her fight both allergies and asthma.

-Neil Kash @ USHealthWorks.com/Lacey-Center