April 04, 2013

Dear Spring & a little prayer

Dear Spring,
Nice to see you in full effect... FINALLY.
We've definitely been enjoying you lately in our cute matching neon pink spring jackets.
We've been doing your usual Spring agenda items such as;
Playing on Lulu's swingset, blowing bubbles, BBQ's with friends, playing with chalk, taking trips to the park, swinging and sliding, and DQ trips for ice cream!
Our favorite things to do with you, Spring, is to ride scooters and bikes everywhere. We also like to make "sassy faces" at you since you took so long to come around. Spring shadows are fun too, but only when the 3 year old takes the pictures for the mama. But you are tricky one, Spring. You like to tease us and leave for a day... or two. And when you do? We don't get too upset. At least we still have play places inside, and dance to attend of course.
But the best part about you, Spring? Short sleeves, sunglasses, and sass. Lots of sass. Enough said.
Thanks for coming to play Spring, hope you stick around awhile.
Lidia and Carly (and their momma and papa too!)

.... and a little prayer for Miss Lidia.
For several months now, Lidia has had a chronic cough. And to make a long story short, we've been to the doctor and gone through different scenarios to what this could be; acid reflux, allergies, etc. So she was put on Claritin for allergies. Although the medicine hasn't had enough time to take it's full effect, her symptoms seem to be getting worse. She's coughing throughout the day (all day) and it gets worse at night. Just this week, Lidia had two, what I would call "asthma or coughing attacks" within one night while playing outside. The cold weather and physical exercise (running) seem to trigger these "attacks." So I called an asthma/allergist doctor and they want to see her right away for testing. She will be getting tested tomorrow afternoon, so please say a little prayer that we finally get something figured out. I, of course, do NOT want her to have asthma, but we'd love some anwers and relief for our princess! I will keep everyone updated!


Joeylee said...

loving all the pictures of them posing, so cute! I hope everything goes ok tomorrow and you figure out whats wrong!

Shawna said...

Hope you figure out how to help Miss Lidia! Cute pics :-)

rockinabbs29 said...

Hi! found you on a linkup! I’m a new follower!

Kati Medick said...

Hi Mama! We had the same problem with Pearl year in and year out about the same time each year she just had a chronic cough for months! And it got worse at night :( It ended up being allergies and she now takes singulair every day and has been a new kid ever since. I feel like they took a while to really take over, but once they did - it was a new world. I hope the allergy meds work!!!