April 02, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Easter weekend 2013 was great! It was fun-filled and jam-packed. On Thursday, Lidia went on a field trip to see the Easter bunny with school!
On Friday night we colored Easter eggs!
Saturday was our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt Party! It was a hit! I hosted the party for all of my friends at my parent's house. I decided to do it there because they have a great park/walking path area right next to their house that ended up being PERFECT for the hunt! So Friday day was spent preparing for the hunt, setting up, etc. and then Saturday morning the girls and I went over there and finished putting everything together! All of the food was "Easter themed" and turned out so cute! We had... Easter colored deviled eggs, and Easter egg cake and cupcakes, Easter cookies, broccoli/carrots shaped in a carrot with dip, cheetos in plastic bags to look like carrotts, appetizers, crackers and dip, and of course peeps on display!

My mom and her girls before the party!
We decorated the door with all our our friends names!
Showing off their Easter baskets.
Then our friends came!
All the kiddos. It was ::fun:: getting them to all take a picture together! HA!
Then it was time for the hunt!

The party turned out sooo well and very stress-free also! I'm looking forward to next year's party already!

Then on Sunday, the girls woke up to their Easter baskets!
(Disney princess swimsuits, Disney princess cups, squirt bottles, toothbrushes, Disney princess paint and paper, chapstick, and NO CANDY! My mom also got them matching spring jackets and Grandpa Bruce sent them light up toys that they are obsessed with!)
We went to church on Sunday morning and the girls dressed in their fancy dresses but I, of course, failed to take any pictures. But don't fear, here is a reminder of what they wore to church since they already wore it to see the bunny a few weeks ago! We also "failed" on the whole big Easter dinner thing on Sunday and decided to go out to eat with my mom, step-dad, and sister at Okoboji Grill after church! Hey, it was good and noone had to cook! Then the rest of the day was spent napping and cleaning! We had a really great Easter weekend!


Joeylee said...

looks like you had a great easter That picture of Lidia and the easter bunny is adorable!

Shawna said...

Love the food and decor at your Easter party!!!! And I see one of my princess skirts made an appearance hehe...I love your girls' "style"! :-)