April 24, 2013

Oh... hello!

Those are a few of my favorite Instagram pictures from the last few weeks.
Last few weeks?
It's been that long, huh?
And I don't have a lot to show for it.
Well we've been doing a lot of the usual and adding in a few fun things and voila!
Two weeks have passed in blog world.
Oh well, right?
So let's just catch up picture style, ok?

Well last week I was sick. So there's that. BUT at least the girls and Matt didn't get it! But this weekend we were able to venture out to Raccoon River park where there is a beach, a park, walking paths, baseball games and more. The girls had a blast! Lidia brought her bike, Carly brought her scooter, and Papa brought Bailey, (our dog) and I apparently brought (or turned into) Spiderman according to the girls. Don't ask :)
Last weekend I went to Bon Jovi! There were about 10 girls that went. It was fun? I mean, yes, Bon Jovi is always fun (I go to every concert of his that comes to town!) but we had terrible seats! As in, literally, the highest row up in the auditorium Ooof. I guess those are the seats you get when ten woman want to sit together! (Don't worry, I snuck down closer during the last two songs! Shhhh) 
We also took a trip to Bass Pro Shop one Saturday afternoon! We recently got a Bass Pro near us within the last couple years and hadn't been until then. It was fun! And free! The girls loved seeing the fish, watched the fish get fed, checked out the Princess fishing poles, climbed on the boats, and played racing games with Papa! (Lidia won!)
Carly, Aunt Bubs, and I all went to brunch one morning. And Carly had.... ummm... BUTTER for her meal. Yeah. Her newest thing is wanting to eat butter. GROSS! (And obviously we don't let her eat only butter... that was just for picture purposes :)
 .... And, as always, we've been having playdates! We love our friends!
Other than that, we've been spending a lot of our time outside when it's not cold/raining, playing and riding bikes, we've been doing some spring cleaning, we went to Monkey Joe's, Papa ran in the Glow Run race, Papa and I had a date night to Fong's pizza, we've started doing yardwork, and just spending time together!


Mommy Mandy said...

SOO jealous you were at Bon Jovi!! I'm going in July when he comes to Jersey!

Shawna said...

Cute pics!

And the butter? Ewwwwww! ;-)

Sarah said...

Hi Britt! Just hopped over to your blog from JoeyLee's and am in love with your adorable girls!! Four girls with your step daughters! Wow! Pink, pink, pink! I'm in a 100% blue house for now with our 2 year old Drew and love it! Anyway, totally your newest follower and I hope you'll stop by. I can always use another follower that has little ones a bit older than my Drew. This momma loves advice!! :)

Stephanie said...

Fong's pizza is so good, love the crab rangoon that I had when I was in DM visiting my friend Jess!

Joeylee said...

Ewww Carly, eating butter is yucky!
Looks like you've had a lot of fun, cute pictures