May 31, 2013

Family Pictures Spring 2013

We got these family pictures taken for my mom (and myself too :) for Mother's day!
It was a lot of fun!
But a few things of note...

1. It was REALLLLLLLY windy.
2. I look awful. And I need a tan. And I need my hair done. Bad.
 (Who DOESN'T think that way looking at pics of themselves?)
4. No, we don't love Lidia more and want more pictures of her... Carly was just more interested in running around instead of taking pictures!
3. The girls have tattoos all over their hands of course... oyyy


May 23, 2013


Because we're busy, spending time outside, and enjoying the weather and family....
I'm lacking on blog substance but not lacking on the pictures, so I'll just show you our May so far :) 

Cuties and cuddles.
....yelling at the ducks :)
Easter Bunny. (Whoops this wasn't in May :)
May Day Baskets!

Aunt Chloe's 15th birthday.
Ramsey's 5th birthday.

Sleeping beauty.
Best friends.
Beauty queen.
Farmer's Market date with Carly, Mommy and Papa.
Baby seats in the bathroom??? and workin' at the carwash!
Raccon River Park! 
 The zoo!
The cutest.
 Trying on cowgirl boots for Aunt Cassy and Uncle Dave's wedding!
.... and lastly, naps in a crib?
So yeah... that's our May so far.
And on that note, IIIII need a nap from our busy month!