May 31, 2013

Family Pictures Spring 2013

We got these family pictures taken for my mom (and myself too :) for Mother's day!
It was a lot of fun!
But a few things of note...

1. It was REALLLLLLLY windy.
2. I look awful. And I need a tan. And I need my hair done. Bad.
 (Who DOESN'T think that way looking at pics of themselves?)
4. No, we don't love Lidia more and want more pictures of her... Carly was just more interested in running around instead of taking pictures!
3. The girls have tattoos all over their hands of course... oyyy



Shawna said...

Super cute---love them all!

Joeylee said...

Love them!!!

Isabelle Galindo said...

These all look lovely, but my favorite is the second one. I hardly seen my parents kiss these days, but seeing couples at this age and still fond of each other is very touching. I hope you two end up like them when you grow old. Anyway, these pictures are great present for Mother's day. __ Isabelle @