June 16, 2013

A Letter {Father's Day 2013}

Lidia and Carly,

I wanted to write you both a little letter today, on Father's Day 2013. My hope for this letter is that in 10, 15, or 20 years you can look back and see the type of relationship you had at 2 and 3 years old with your amazing Papa. You will probably never remember these years, (actually Lidia, with your crazy memory you probalby will!) so my hope in this blog is to be able to capture all of these memories in one space for you. All of the fun things we've done, some bad experineces we've had, but most importantly the relationships that our family has and continues to grow. If you are reading this 10 years from now, then you are 13 years old and a crazy teenager that probably dislikes your momma and Papa right now because we wouldn't let you buy that shirt at the mall that you HAD TO HAVE. Or maybe Papa just scared some boy from our front lawn that wanted to take you out for ice cream and he wasn't ready for that just yet. Just remember, your Papa will always think of you both as his babies so ease up on him, k? So you want to know all about your Papa and your relationship with him when you were those babies? Here you go....

*Right now, at 2 and 3 years old you both are in a huge Papa phase.
"Where's Papa?"
"Is Papa at work?"
"When will Papa be home?"
Heartbreaking and heartwarming to a Mama all at the same time.

*Watch your plate! Your papa LOVES to sneak bites of your mac n cheese, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. Our friends and family know all about his "kid-like" appetite and it's so true. He could eat your "kid food" any day of the week. But he doesn't because we're healthier than that :-)

*He (and I both) sometimes get frustrated when, for example, we go out to eat and you two aren't on your best behavior. Yes, you both currently hate sitting still for more than 10 minutes and those dang claw machines?! Ugh. You are obsessed with them. Now, Papa getting frustrated and telling you to be quiet or sit down isn't a bad thing. Nope. Because he always wants you to be the best you can be. The best behaved. The most well-mannered.  Etc. Etc. And I love that.

*Speaking of dinner, your Papa is the one that insists on family dinners together in the dining room. Why? Because he wants us to spend that time as a family together. Talking about our days, and getting in a good routine. Does it happen every night? Of course not. But when we do sit down at our dining room table, I honestly believe that's his favorite part of his day. Except when one of you acts up and "has to sit on the banister in timeout" but that's neither here nor there :)

*Your Papa loves to read your bedtime stories. Right now, Lidia, you and Papa love to read "Where the Sidewalk Ends." (Right Papa? I think that's the book!) Anyway, your Papa is the best at reading and telling stories. Sometimes he makes up princess stories and you three just laugh and laugh and laugh together.

*Your Papa is hard-working, sensitive, loving and caring, un-selfish, fun and funny. All of these characterisitics carry over to how he treats you two.

*Right now Carly, you and Papa's "thing" is saying that you are his Carlyboo. You take it so seriously and it makes you feel so special. Regardless of what anyone says you say, "Oh yeah?! WELL I'M PAPA'S CARLYBOO!" It's so cute.

*You two would never know this, but your Papa checks on you every night after you go to bed. He goes into each of your rooms and gives you one last kiss and hug before he goes to sleep. Sometimes he lays down and stares at you both and it's the cutest thing in the world to see. (Sorry if that's embarrassing Papa!)

*He loves going to the park, taking walks, playing games, watching movies, building forts, having you help in the yard, playing ball, and swimming with both of you. Your Papa is definitely "the fun one!"

*Your Papa loves you more than anything. And there's nothing more to say than that.

Happy Father's Day Papa!


Joeylee said...

Awe this is so sweet

Shawna said...

So cute---I love that last photo especially!