June 19, 2013

This is what *our* Summer looks like...

This Summer is shaping up to be pretty awesome!
We've already got plenty of Summer activities under our belt and it's only June!
So far we've...

Been to the beach a few times and we've been swimming plenty of times too!
(We will pretty much be living in the water this summer)

When it's hot outside, we cool off with popsicles! (duh)
We went to an Iowa cubs game for Father's Day with Papa and Grandpa!
(and the rest of the family too!)
We went to the Johnston Green Days parade.
It's wedding season! We've been to two weddings so far this summer and the girls are always the center of attention. They are dance floor pros! Except when the bride and groom dance and the girls have to wait? Then things get a little sad. But sure enough, it never fails... the Cupid shuffle and Taylor Swift's trouble comes on and our girls are back in their element! They LOVE weddings.
We've of course had a few playdates/lunches.
The girls are obsessed with their friends. It's so adorable.
One night the girls and I took a walk to the park. And low and behold what do we see to our left while walking? Bailey, our dog. She followed us down the street! Hmmmm. Apparently she wanted in on the fun. So of course we took her with us for some excersize and park action.
 Of course we've spent plenty of time outside when it's nice, but it's not always nice out.
It's been raining ALOT which has ruined many of plans.
So when plans are ruined, we got to plan B and hit up the mall play place!
As always, we like to dress up and act sassy.
When Carly gets bored in the car, she does this with my phone...
(I'm STILL laughing about this! There was over 100-200 pictures of just her on my camera roll ha!)
 We went to Adventureland a few weekends ago!
It was soooo much fun and we will definitely be going back more this Summer!
(I still need to do a full recap from my camera about our day at Adventureland! Soon, I promise!)
And another thing I need to update on from my camera?
Lidias dance recital!
(and Uncle Dave's wedding!)
But this should hold you over until then...
I just love her so much!


Shawna said...

It all looks super fun! We don't have any weddings until September---boo :-( My girls love to dance too!

Joeylee said...

Looks like you've been having a good time