June 25, 2013

Why I'm not blogging as much...

Well currently the main reason is trying to keep my sanity with these crazy donut heads.

Within the last two weeks, these two have been off the charts crazy. The main culprit is Carly. She's off her rocker, no joke. Last week, she was probably in timeout 60% of the day and the other 40% was spent crying about EVERYTHING. She throws full blown fits with screaming at the top of her lungs, hitting, kicking, biting, pinching, throwing things, etc. It's pretty bizarre and so not like Carly. She wants to be carried and held at all times, doesn't listen, and just not a pleasant person to be around at the moment.

We saw this change happen within the last couple weeks and it was right around the time she wasn't feeling well. I took her to the doctor and she had a pretty bad ear infection, plus the doctor says she has severe allergies. So we started her on antibiotics, ear drops, and allergy medicine. ALSO. The doctor thinks she might be constipated so we are watching for that too. (TMI... sorry!) Anyway, it was strange because when she was "sick" she was acting pretty normal but now that she has been on the meds for a week, she's turned into a crazy person! And it's definitely carried over to Lidia too. Lidia cries for silly reasons, whines, doesn't listen, and has recently been doing a few hitting/pinching things here and there too. (Which is NOT like Lidia) So yes, last week was brutal. Like the worst week I can thing of in my mommy history this far. But yesterday was looking up, so I'm hoping that carries out to the rest of the week. Otherwise, I'll sell the girls to the highest bidder :)

(kidding) (kind of)

Anyyyway, besides my children being crazy individuals, we've had a lot of things keeping us from the blogging front too.

*My in-laws are in town from Arizona for awhile this summer, so we've been spending a lot of time with them.

*We have two very important birthdays coming up in a few weeks! Lidia turns 4 and Carly turns 3! We've been back and forth and back and forth on what to do for their birthdays and finally decided on a small party at the lake. We will be doing a joint BBQ, beach, and birthday bash on July 19th and I know it will be a blast!

*Last week we went to Adventureland AGAIN.  We went with our family and it was so fun. Love that place and I love the price on tickets I get from work so we will be there plenty this summer!
*We've had lots of summer parties. Birthdays, gender reveal parties, you name it.

*I'm prepping for a garage sale that hopefully I can do this weekend!
(To sell, or not to sell this Katy P shirt ha!)
*Oh yes, and the girls don't nap anymore so that keeps me away too. It usually makes bedtime easier though :)

Next time I come back, I PROMISE it will be a better update with better pictures from my camera!
I have LOTS to catch up on!


Shawna said...

I was totally expecting you to end this post with "and we're also expecting!" LOL

Mama Tully said...

We are dealing with the crazies around here too! My 2 year old is just a ball of emotions lately. I don't know if its because of the new baby or what, but I am soooo over it!
I'm impressed that your daughter is on that big ride...no fear, huh?! That's awesome!