June 07, 2013


Well, I am officially not the only Mrs. Fritz in the family anyomore as of Saturday! We went to Arkansas this weekend and watched Matt's younger brother get married! We had a blast, the girls had the time of their lives, they did great on both 6 hour drives, in the hotel and at the wedding. I will have a full recap with pictures from my camera soon, but for now, here's a sneak peek of our weekend!
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz first dance, the girls taking over the dance floor, and lots of swimming.
Lidia showing off her back float, the cutest flower girls, and the ceremony.
Kiki and Rock!, rehearsal dinner ready, and snuggles in the hotel.

Now this weekend is going to be big too! It's Lidia's dance recital! This week she's had dance pictures, her dress rehearsal, and her recital is on Saturday morning! Tell me she isn't the cutest froggy in the world?!?
Besides weddings and dance recitals, we've been having some flooding here in good ol' Iowa. This is right behind my mom's house. Crazy. But? The girls had the best time playing in the water, of course.
Oh yes, and how could I have almost forgot the most important detail of Lidia's life thus far?!?!.... she got a fish!! She named her Princes Pink fish friend. And then she named her Princess Jasmine fish friend, and now I think her name is something else :) Either way, the girl is obsessed with her fish and does a great job feeding her and "taking care of it"
 Other than that, we've been up to a whole lot of this....
Posing. Pretending to be a baby.  Playing the drums. 
Shooting guns. Going to church. Dr. check-ups.
Airport pickups. Trying on shoes. Sleep in random places.

I will update next week (hopefully!) with wedding and dance recital pictures!


Mommy Mandy said...

They are SO adorable!!

Joeylee said...

looks like you've had a lot of fun! Lidia looks adorable in her froggy outfit.