July 30, 2013

Carly is 3!!

I've always said that my little baby girl will be famous someday. She just has that "way" about her.
(And her little gymnast body doesn't help the cause either)

Anyway, my suspicions came even more to head when I realized that she shares her birthday (July 22nd) with many many people, including many famous people, and NOW she shares her birthday with the new Prince George. I mean, fate say what?

So as a  future "famous" person, she must celebrate her birthday in style, right? I have to say that by the time her actual birthday came around, we were pretty exhausted with birthdays. Lidia's birthday, two joint parties, and now her actual day came and we were kinda spent. SHE was even spent/confused. She woke up on her birthday and I said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!" ...and she said... "It's not my birthday! I already 3!" Yeah.. I can see how that would be confusing after all the celebrations she had before she actually turned 3 :)

Anyway, the night before her birthday, I took her out for some special Mommy/Carly time. We went to Culver's for some ice cream and cheese curds... her favorite!
After our date, we headed to the dollar store to pick out some cheap-o presents (because she pretty much already opened all of her presents!) and some balloons. She had a sleepover in Mommy and Papa's bed (a birthday tradition) and woke up to lots of "Happy birthdays!" and plenty of kisses. She changed into her new Strawberry Shortcake outfit and gave us lots of her crazy poses for birthday pictures!

(Speaking of pictures, somehow my camera broke! It won't zoom in or focus! So I have pretty much zero pictures from their joint party, and only a few from my camera on Carly's actual birthday. If anyone knows what might have happened to my camera or any tips to fix it... let me know!) 
Then we headed to breakfast! And continued to pose silly :)
After breakfast, we grabbed Lidia and Lulu and headed to Ledges State Park. It was about a 40 minute drive from where we live so we made sure to pack the Nook's so the babes didn't get cranky, and off we went! A little backstory... we decided to take Lidia on "Carly's birthday adventures" because Carly is lost without Lidia. She loves having her sister with her everywhere she goes, so it seemed fitting to have Lidia take along, right? WRONG! Lidia is... how do I put this... LAZY! She doesn't like to walk very long, "her legs hurt" and she gets cranky when it comes to exercise in general. Typically on walks or anything like that, Lidia would be in a stroller but not at Ledges. We were walking around in creeks with water, waterfalls, etc. So there was no stroller. Carly on the otherhand was in heaven! Splashing, running, playing with rocks, etc. etc. So the moral of the story? Keep the birthday adventures for the birthday girl. After all, we were doing something that Carly liked, not something Lidia liked (like sitting and getting her hair done... ha!) so we should have known :) Either way, we had fun, the weather was pretty, and so was the scenery!

After we explored, walked along in the creeks, had cars splash us with water, took plenty of pictures, and dealt with a couple meltdowns... we had a picnic! We had a lot of stuff left over from their party so we packed it up, along with the leftover cupcakes and had a birthday picnic that included singing and dancing with the birthday girl.

After our picnic, we decided to pack up and head into Ames, a town nearby that we never get to. On our way out of Ledges State Park, I spotted a sign. And I just HAD to have a picture of the birthday girl next to it. Again, it was fate... considering we always call her Carl.... ha! I think this will be a birthday tradition of getting her picture taken next to this sign each year!
We headed to Ames and went to the Butterfly Gardens. It was... alright. It got pretty hot and there wasn't much for two toddlers to do. Plus... it was pretty expensive given that we were pretty much just walking through gardens :) Anyway,  I didn't get many pictures, I think I got a few on my camera (which I will update later) but I did get the funniest picture of the day at the butterfly gardens. Carly decided that she wanted to wear this to see the butterflies....
Non- matching shoes? Why not. It's your birthday. And yes, she walked around, in public, like that the rest of the afternoon. After the gardens, we headed back to Lulu's, played a bit, and then headed home so Papa could spend time with us and his birthday girl. We didn't do anything special that night. No big birthday dinner, no cake, and only opened one present. I guess that's what you get when your birthday falls after all the celebrations... Sorry baby!


I kid.

Kind of.

Love you Carlyboo! Can't believe you are three!

July 19, 2013

Family Birthday BBQ & VBS!

I mayyy take my girls' birthdays a little too far.
We had Lidia's surprise birthday extravaganza on her acutal birthday, a family birthday BBQ on Sunday, their joint birthday party with friends is this Friday, and then Carly's birthday on Monday!
Whew. It's exhausting.
And to top it off, we have been at Vacation Bible School all week... which I'll get to in a minute.

Anyway, on Sunday, we had a family BBQ which turned into yet another "birthday party" for the girls. Except there was no cake involved, which I conclude to be a huge shame. Either way, we decided to get together because this year we decided to do big, joint presents for the girls birthdays' instead of several small presents. It worked out great! Anyway, there were three joint presents that we had to give the girls at our house so we decided to have a BBQ and give the presents to them then.

So it went a little something like this....
The first surprise was under that blanket....
What could it be?!
An outdoor wooden playhouse!
It has seriously been the best present ever!
My mom  went in on it with us and I was so happy to find it.
We went back and forth between a power wheels jeep, a trampoline, swingset, etc but finally found this gem.
It has served as the perfect babysitter this past week because all they want to do is play in it!
Yes, it's a little old... we did find it on Craigslist... but we aren't picky!
And they will destroy it anyway...
So win/win!
The pictures of the other surprise presents didn't turn out too well, but the girls also got a big swimming pool from Grandma Kiki, and a Nook (I-Pad type thing) from Aunt Bubba! Lidia is in love with her Nook, Carly could care less, and I can't get Papa off it either! After this weekend, I will definitely be burned out on birthdays!

Speaking of burned out, we are exhausted this week!
Because of Vacation Bible School!
But it's sooo worth it.
The girls' started VBS on Monday night and continue to go each night until Thursday.
This means that we have pretty much not been home at all at night this week.
I decided to volunteer at VBS and I'm so glad I did!
I get to see the girls, interact with other people in the church, and play with other kids too!
It's been fun, yet exhausting.
Here's Carly posing before her first night of VBS... don't ask me what this new pose thing is all about! ha!
And Lidia was clearly not in the mood...
The girls were seperated into different groups which is great, considering they are always together!
They've made a lot of new friends, which I love!
Here they are posing in front of their "family" names...
The theme of VBS is Athens, so everyone is in costumes...
And Lulu has been with us all week too!
"God loves us, yes it's true!"
Is one of their songs they've learned, and I've heard it alllll week long.
Better than "20 dollars in my pocket" eh?!

July 17, 2013

Lidia's 4th Birthday

It's true.
My girls' birthdays are the best days of my life.
I try to make their actual birthday so special for them each year.
Especially since their birthdays are only 11 days apart, and we always have a joint party.
So this year was no different.
Lidia's birthday comes first, July 11th and I had the PERFECT day planned for her!
It was all a surprise.
She learned each surprise as the day went on.
It was SO FUN.

We started the day with candles and donuts and one present.
She loves opening presents, so I didn't want her disappointed that we weren't opening presents right away on her birthday.
So I got both her and Carly a little "goody bag" from the dollar store :)
Playing with their "goody bag" items!
We said goodbye to Carly (she spent the morning/early afternoon with Grandma Kiki!) and we headed to our first surprise!
We went to Jester Park and walked around. They had bison, a kid play area, and beautiful flowers to look at.
Then it was time for our first surprise!
This picture shows you her excitement after finding out what she was going to do...
Helmet time...
She got to ride a pony!
And she was beyond ecstatic about it!
(For those in the area, Jester Park has pony rides for only 15 bucks! Just need to make a reservation :)
After Jester Park, we picked up Aunt Chloe and had lunch.
Then we headed to our second surprise....

A "spa day!"
We went to La James' (a cosmetology school, so it's super cheap, which I love!) and she got her hair shampoo'd, a haircut, an updo, her nails painted, and her make-up done!
My girly girl princess was in heaven!
She looked so old! And beautiful!

After our "spa day" we picked up sissy and headed home.
We had to get ready for our final surprise!
We got home and changed into princess attire of course...
Then headed outside for a photoshoot. Look at all her poses!
Then we got in the car and headed to our last surprise!
Aunt Chloe covered Lidia's eyes and Carly's mouth so she couldn't ruin it when we pulled in the parking lot! ha!
We went to Chuck E Cheese!
We had some family meet us there and spent the night playing games, eating pizza and cake, dancing with Chuck E and opening presents!

It was such a special day....Definitely in my top 10!

Now, I'm off to celebrate BOTH of my girls at their joint birthday party this Friday!