July 04, 2013

June Catch-up {Hangin' with the Navins}

A few weekends back, we went to Adventureland with the Navin family! I get great discounted tickets through work, and the girls are still free, so I expect us to be there alot in the next couple months. We went on a Sunday and it was supposed to rain, and it did! But only for a few minutes and then the sun was back out. It was perfect! The weather was great, but a little too chilly to go to the waterpark there. BUT! There were no lines, so we were ecstatic! We went with my best friend and her family and had the best time with all the kiddos.
Lidia's favorite part was playing games and winning stupid little toys :)
Bumper cars!
The kids favorite ride were these boats! And Lidia insisted on going by herself. So independent :)
Best buds. Aww!
A couple weeks after Adventureland, the Navin's had a gender reveal party. For those of you that don't know, the Navin's already have Ramsey (5) and Emery (15ish months) so they already have their boy and their girl. So this gender party was fun because it didn't matter to them either way! They had the party at their house and it was perfect. The weather was great, the kids played on the trampoline, the pool, and the slip n slide!
Oh, and Josie played in the bunny cage!
  The best part of the day... the gender reveal via a pinata.
Ramsey was the reveal master!
Welcome to the family Silas James :)
Lidia knew it was a boy all along :) 

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