July 03, 2013

June Catch-up {Lidia's Dance Recital}

On June 8th, Lidia had her first "real" dance recital at Hoyt Sherman Theatre in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. She had two other dance "performances" this past winter, but this recital was the real deal. Full on costumes, dance pictures, dance rehearsal, and recital. It was surreal to have a daughter IN the dance recital and be apart of the whole experience and backstage with all the other moms. It was really fun! And of course she did great! She had a little meltdown in between her two dances, (she was tired) but other than that, she danced her little heart out! She did a tap dance to "Hippity Hoppity Frog" and her ballet dance to a worship song that I don't know the name of. She absolutely LOVES dance and I can't wait to see how she will grow at next year's recital!
(Lidia's friend Mia)
(The whole class plus their two teachers. Lidia got grumpy towards the end. Ha!)
In  between dances they colored, ate snacks, and watched the other dances on a tv set up in the dressing room.
The only picture I got of them on stage because they did not allow flash photography. Lidia is the second from the right, in the front row.
After the recital Lidia got two sets of flowers! One from us, and one from Lulu. Oh yes, and Sissy was there too. She just fell asleep halfway through! Which was a good thing :)
Bubba, Chloe, and Lulu!
She was SO PROUD of herself, her dances, and of course her flowers!

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