July 17, 2013

Lidia's 4th Birthday

It's true.
My girls' birthdays are the best days of my life.
I try to make their actual birthday so special for them each year.
Especially since their birthdays are only 11 days apart, and we always have a joint party.
So this year was no different.
Lidia's birthday comes first, July 11th and I had the PERFECT day planned for her!
It was all a surprise.
She learned each surprise as the day went on.
It was SO FUN.

We started the day with candles and donuts and one present.
She loves opening presents, so I didn't want her disappointed that we weren't opening presents right away on her birthday.
So I got both her and Carly a little "goody bag" from the dollar store :)
Playing with their "goody bag" items!
We said goodbye to Carly (she spent the morning/early afternoon with Grandma Kiki!) and we headed to our first surprise!
We went to Jester Park and walked around. They had bison, a kid play area, and beautiful flowers to look at.
Then it was time for our first surprise!
This picture shows you her excitement after finding out what she was going to do...
Helmet time...
She got to ride a pony!
And she was beyond ecstatic about it!
(For those in the area, Jester Park has pony rides for only 15 bucks! Just need to make a reservation :)
After Jester Park, we picked up Aunt Chloe and had lunch.
Then we headed to our second surprise....

A "spa day!"
We went to La James' (a cosmetology school, so it's super cheap, which I love!) and she got her hair shampoo'd, a haircut, an updo, her nails painted, and her make-up done!
My girly girl princess was in heaven!
She looked so old! And beautiful!

After our "spa day" we picked up sissy and headed home.
We had to get ready for our final surprise!
We got home and changed into princess attire of course...
Then headed outside for a photoshoot. Look at all her poses!
Then we got in the car and headed to our last surprise!
Aunt Chloe covered Lidia's eyes and Carly's mouth so she couldn't ruin it when we pulled in the parking lot! ha!
We went to Chuck E Cheese!
We had some family meet us there and spent the night playing games, eating pizza and cake, dancing with Chuck E and opening presents!

It was such a special day....Definitely in my top 10!

Now, I'm off to celebrate BOTH of my girls at their joint birthday party this Friday!


Joeylee said...

awe, what a special day! Looks like she had a blast. She looks so grown up with her hair & makeup done. Cant wait to see party pictures

Shawna said...

Looks like a blast! The spa day is a great idea---she looked to be in 7th heaven! :-)