August 05, 2013

... birthdays continued & my camera sucks.

We had the girls' joint birthday party (with friends) on Friday, July 19th. We had a beach bash/princess theme and rented out a shelter at Raccoon River beach.The party was more like a big playdate with all our friends and the added bonus of presents and cupcakes. It was low-key and fun. The kids played on the playground and in the water sprinklers. After we ate, we played at the beach in the sand and in the water. We served bbq pork sandwiches, hotdogs, potato salad, chips, dips, pickle wraps, and watermelon. And of course cupcakes. No extravagant decorations and the party favors were sand toys. It was non-stressful and I loved how it turned out. Simple and small. But the one thing I didn't love? My camera was not working and is still not working. It is basically the zoom on the camera that is not working. When I zoom in, everything is blurry. And pretty much all my pictures look like crap as you will see. Soooo, this means? I have basically no pictures... but enjoy anyway!
Yep, those are all the pictures that turned out. Boo. Anyway, I have a few more pictures from Carly's actually birthday that I thought I'd share. Again, camera was/is still not working so I was pretty bummed, but at least I got a little bit documented from our fun day, right?!
I love how in Lidia's birthday "photoshoot" that she is posing like a princess and looking so sweet and innocent. Then with Carly we get this... my crazy girl! I just love how it shows their different personalities so well!
Here are pictures from the butterfly gardens, and Carly's mix n match shoes. Again, not much to see but I thought I'd share! I might as well call this post our photo bloopers... jeez!
 .... and that should end our birthday recaps! Finally, right?!

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Kenzie Smith said...

That's a bummer about your camera - how frustrating! The pictures are still cute though! Looks like such a fun birthday party :D