August 14, 2013

Summer 2013

The girls LOVE summer.
And this summer has been wise of course.
We've had our windows open and air off for most of the summer...
And for Iowa?
That's amazing.
So here is how we've been spending this summer!

Swimming in the backyard.
Swimming at our friend's house.
Eating ice cream on our front porch... with baby dolls of course.
Getting face paintings at the Iowa State Fair!
More fun at the Iowa State Fair....
-Lulu and Grandpa being the cutest lovebirds
-Carly and Grandpa with a statue
-Carly sleeping on a bed display :)
Spending many days at the park with friends!
Trampoline jumping, shoulder rides, birthday parties, and pool parties too!
... and of course, picking on and fighting between sisters, fashion shows, and watching Uncle Eric jump out of an airplane!

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