August 02, 2013


Typically my blog posts are full of rainbows and sunshines. Filled with all the fun stuff we do and lots of pictures. But of course, we all know that isn't every day life. Most days are full of the same routines mixed with some fun for good measure. And then of course, there are the crazy toddler moments that I occassionally talk about too. But I hardly ever talk about the "bad stuff." Not to say that our life really has anything "bad" going on in it. Of course, we'd love more money, we have our occassional issues or bad days, but overall... life is good. We always like to see all the positives in life. But lately, ohhhh lately. We've had some not-so-good luck thrown our way. Matt says he's unlucky and when you add Fritz to your name, you add some bad luck. So I thought I'd share some "unlucky" instances in our lives in the past couples months...just to shed a light on our not-so-perfect life :) Nothing dramatic, just a little bit of real life to share.

First off, who remembers Princess pink fish friend Jasmine fish? Noone? Yeah me either. Why? Because she lasted all of a few months until I killed her. Yes, I'm a murderer. Actually, my sink is the murderer and my slippery hands are to blame. Do you see where this is going? One day, as I was cleaning the fish tank, with Carly right next to me and Lidia playing in her room... I couldn't get the fish out of the fish bowl! And what happened? She fell in the sink, down the disposal. Carly was right there and had a look of terror on her face. I told her "SHHHHHH!" because I had to figure out what I would say to Lidia. And I "tried with all my might" (not really at all) to save that poor fish but she was a goner. Her fate was met with the garbage disposal. Sorry in advance to Lidia when she reads this when she's older. She thinks her fish went to be with his friends in the water. And now I feel terrible for lying. Dear Lord, forgive me. Next time I will teach her about death? Ok... moving on :)

Who remembers when I lost my wedding ring last year? or the year before? Either way, I lost my wedding ring for a loooong period of time. In my living room. And we could not, for the life of us, find it. Long story short and one insurance check later, we found the ring. Actually Grandma Kiki found it. Wait for it... in the living room exactly where I (Lidia) lost it. So life is good, I have my ring back, insurance was told the story and we go back to normal life. UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Last night, we took a family trip to the YMCA. The girls played at the playground for an hour, Papa swam laps, and I did Yoga. I sat down on my yoga mat and was taking off my shoes when I noticed it. The diamond on my ring was gone. Where did I lose it? Who knows. It could have been at work earlier that day, at home, in the car, on the sidewalk, at the Y. I have no idea. And I am devastated! We can't do another insurance claim because... we just did. Shoot me now. I might cry. Someone buy me a new ring. Thanks :)

And in case those two examples aren't depressing enough for you... don't worry... I have another! Let's just preface this one with Carly will look like a redneck, chipped tooth sailor for the next several years. Yes, that's right. On Monday, miss crazy pants fell down our stairs and chipped her tooth. HER FRONT TOOTH. My mom works in a dental office so we took her right over and she is fine. No real damage done and nothing to do until her baby teeth fall out and her new ones come in. It's not all about looks right people?!
So there you have it.
The Fritz family has a chipped tooth toddler, a mom with no wedding ring, and a poor little girl who "lost her fish to other fish friends."
I think all of Papa's "bad Fritz luck" rubbed off on us ladies. Where is his bad luck?! Huh?? :) 

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