September 20, 2013

Annual Rapid City Trip

Last weekend, we took our annual trip to Rapid City, South Dakota to visit my dad.This time was a little different....We decided to surprise him! We had it all planned with my dad's girlfriend to drive 5 hours (halfway) on Friday afternoon afer Lidia got out of preschool, stay in a hotel, and then drive the rest of the trip (4-5 hours) in the morning. The plan was to meet them in Deadwood, (yes, the tv show is named after this town) and surprise him there.

Well, the surprise (of course) didn't go as planned and a few hours before we "surprised" him, he figured it out. BUT OH WELL, RIGHT?! We still had a great time. So we spent Saturday, our first day, in Deadwood. We listened to music, ate, walked around, and swam in the hotel. My dad and Toni decided to get Matt and I a room at a hotel, because they wanted to have a slumber party by themselves with the girls at their house since they only see them once a year. Fine by us! :)

So around 7pm, the four of them left and headed off to their "perfect slumber party" as the girls called it (Sophia the First anyone?!) and Matt and I stayed the the hotel resort. We had all sorts of plans to go downtown Deadwood and gamble, eat a nice dinner, and just relax... but instead we stayed at the resort, did a small amount of gambling, ate dinner (2 for 1 coupon hello!) and were in our hotel room by 9:30pm. Ha!

Anyway, the next day we woke up bright and early and headed back to my dad's house. This was Sunday the 15th and my dad's birthday! We decided to spend the day together as a family just relaxing, watching football, playing outside, etc. So here is what we did on Sunday... First up, we made a birthday cake of course!
Then Grandpa tried to nap with the girls, but that didn't happen so.... we got our his mini motorcycle and rode it around his neighborhood! And for anyone worried, this thing is harmless and we never went out on the streets with the girls. The bike doesn't go above 20mph, I believe :)
.... and we did a little modeling on the hood of a car?? Don't ask... they're crazy :)
Then grandpa and the girls picked vegetables and flowers from his garden and then helped him plant a tree!
Then we made a yummy dinner. Ate. And then two little girls crashed by 8pm!
The next day, was Monday and our last day. It was also "the faces on the mountain" day! Mount Rushmore for those you wondering... :) Lidia was clearly ecsatic about it!
... and Carly? Was not. She was GRUMPY!
Then we headed to Keystone to get one specific picture for my dad. Why? Well, because there is this picture that he took when I was about the girls' age of me posing with my hands on my hips (which is his favorite picture ever)  in almost this exact location on the boardwalk at Keystone. I was right next to a USA Today newspaper stand, which they don't have anymore. But this one worked! And it was the best replica we could do! My dad loved that we were able to almost recreate the picture with the girls.
That was our last night in South Dakota. So we went out to eat and then came home and put on a dancing show for Grandpa and Toni. We also tried to get some cute pictures with the four of them, but you can see how well that turned out... ha!
We had the best relaxing family time ever and we can't wait to go back next year!

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