September 11, 2013


Seasons come and go like clockwork.
In particular, my favorite season is Fall and...oh hey Fall... you can show up anytime now :)
I love football season, soccer season, and cooler weather season...

But when I think about seasons, I'm not just thinking about Winter/Spring/Fall/Summer.
I'm thinking about seasons of our life also.
Lately, we've been going through alot of changes, or different seasons.

First one is obviously preschool.
Preschool has been a pretty big change for us.
All of us.
Carly doesn't understand why Lidia gets to "play with all those fun toys" and she doesn't.
Lidia doesn't understand why she has to go to school when Carly gets to stay with mommy.
And Mommy? Mommy doesn't understand how we got to this point.
The year before KINDERGARTEN.
So with that... we are in school season.
It just seems so crazy that my 7 lb. 13 oz baby has begun this season of her life.
... and next year the baby of the family begins it too.
Hold me.
(Update: Lidia has been doing great at school! On her second day, she decided she actually likes school haha. Her teacher told me that Lidia was the happiest kid in class, is always well behaved, (can she be that way at home?!) and always has a smile on her face. She also said that all of the kids want to be her friend. I am not surprised by this!)

A season of life that is a fun change is soccer season! Our family loves soccer. Matt and his brothers grew up playing, I grew up playing, Aunt Chloe plays, and now the girls do too! Although, right now? The girls are more into dressing up in their soccer uniforms then actually playing at practice and the games, but maybe that will change? We will see! But we still love going to watch Aunt Chloe play!
Some other crazy changes? Lidia is eating much better! If you know Lidia, she has a few staple foods that she will eat. Over the course of the past few months, she has been stepping outside the box! I think us working hard with her, and her babysitter and new school have a lot to do with that. Currently, some of the foods added to her "list of Lidia approved foods ha" are hot dogs, peanut butter, cheese tacos, and toast! I'm so proud of her for trying new things! (Picture 1 below is of her eating 2 HOTDOGS!)

Carly is in a girly girl season. She loves playing dressup, doing anything involving make believe, and playing with dolls. My tom boy has turned full on girly girl... that still knows how to throw down :) (Picture 2 below is of her snuggling her new dolls)

Carly is also known for her fear of moving objects. The child HATES... actually REFUSES to sit in a stroller, grocery cart, or anything of that nature. But once again, the girl is going through a season of trying new things. She rode in a burley on the back of her babysitters bike last week (she was bribed with ice cream but still!) AND last night??? SHE ASKED to sit in the front of the grocery cart at the store! If this season keeps up, my life might become alot easier. Going to the grocery store with a kiddo that will only walk or be held is for the birds! Now, we need to work on getting her in the stroller.... :) (Picture 3 is her in the grocery cart)
... and lastly... Is moving season. Yep, we moved. Not to another state or anything. We actually just moved to a different suburb. So that's been a pretty big adjustment for all of us. Packing, moving, adjusting to the new home, in the process of selling or renting our old home, etc. It's been quite the whirlwind. But this was the best move for our family financially, geographically (closer to work, school, church, parents) and I love the school district. So yes, we moved. We are settled in. And? I think we are beginning to like it :) I mean, the girls did get a bunk bed and are now sharing a room... what's NOT to love, right? ha!

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