October 24, 2013

Carly and the cousins

We had family come in town this past weekend from Colorado. Which made other family come in town from other parts of Iowa, Nebraska, etc. So we had one big family lunch on Saturday at my mom's house. Carly had a blast with her cousins. (Actually they would be her second cousins, once removed? I think? They are my cousins' children.) Anyway, here are the kiddos playing on Saturday at my mom's. We played outside on the girls' swingset, in the leaves, and at the park. Carly even got to go swimming with them at their hotel!
Ava climbing the tree, and Carly admiring her.
She LOVED Ava!
(We all do :)
 Playing in the leaves...
Then playing at the park!
The kids loved Ava and Dylan's grandpa! He was so much fun to play and wrestle with!
... and chase around and run after too!
But Carly loves her Grandma the best! :)
 Kelly, Simon, Ava and Dylan were all in town from Colorado to run the Des Moines Marathon. So after the marathon on Sunday, we met at Panera to say goodbye before they headed back home. Here is some of my family at the brunch the next morning.
(Don't mind me and Lidia's awesome attire. It was Sunday! We don't get ready on lazy Sundays when we don't go to church... hello! :)

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