October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! (+ Costume Tutorial)

Happy Halloween from Vanellope Von Shweetz (Wreck it Ralph) and my sweet Garden Gnome!
For the last couple of years I've tried to get my girls to match for Halloween, and I've been pretty successful!
But this year they had different plans.
The girls originally picked out a fairy costume for Lidia, and this garden gnome costume for Carly.
Matching! Score!
....and Carly followed through with the Garden Gnome costume. She was pretty adamant about being one, (despite my efforts to get her to match Lidia's new costume idea), and she was pretty cute if I do say so myself....
But Lidia?!
Somehow she got it in her head that she just HAD to be Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph.
The costume turned out amazing!
Of course there was no actual costume for Vanellope so we had to make it ourselves.
I've had many people ask how we pulled it off, so I thought I'd share it with you.
First, I have to give props to my sister for her help on this. She basically made our vision come to life!
So first things first, I googled the Vanellope costume and I came across a fabulous tutorial and went to work.
Sweatshirt: from Target in teal
Skirt: black plain skirt in the girls clearance section at Target for only 3.00!
white footless tights from Target and teal fabric paint to transform the leggings into "Vanellope leggings"
(see website tutorial above for step by step on the leggings!)
-Black hairspray from Nobbies to make Lidia's hair black
-Candy for her hair: candy dots with Velcro on the back and "Sweetheart conversation hearts" stickers
-Licorice hair tie: red rope twisted together
It turned out great! And Lidia LOVED it! She couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror.
That's what I call a success!
Anyway, we went out trick-or-treating around my parents' neighborhood first to see all the neighbors...
... and then we headed to our church for their light the night "trick or treat", games, prizes, and inflatables party!
The girls' had their first taste of cotton candy ever, and you can see from Lidia's face how well that went over... ha!
We also ran into Brooklyn. The girls were blowing kisses to each other from across the room all night!
Cuties :)
All in all, I think this Halloween was for the record books.
Before bed, Lidia said, "Mommy? Today was a good day. This was my favorite Halloween ever. And my favorite church time ever! Let's do it again tomorrow, ok?"
Alrighty then!
How can I say no?!


Kenzie S said...

Their costumes are adorable! The Lidia costume turned out great!! Glad they had so much fun :D
Happy Halloween!

Joeylee said...

the girls look so cute! love their costumes

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