October 10, 2013

It's Fall Y'all!

It's Fall! I love Fall! Who doesn't right? So far, here is what we've been doing this Fall!
The Pumpkin Patch!
The girls went to the pumpkin patch this week with their babysitter. I was SO sad to miss out on going with them because I was at work, but at the same time I was so glad they were able to go and have fun! Hopefully we will be able to make it to the Pumpkin patch as a family as well!

Picking out Pumpkins!
Lidia needed to bring a pumpkin to preschool for a class project this week, so the girls already picked out their pumpkins. The pumpkins were purchased at our grocery store and not some super fun trip to the pumpkin patch, but they still got to pick out what they wanted! That works, right?! :)
Decorating Pumpkins!
We have yet to carve pumpkins at our house. The girls are too young, it's too messy, etc. etc. So we've always just painted pumpkins! And this year is was no different. The girls LOVED it. I'm pretty sure we will be painting a few more pumpkins before Fall is over! :)


Family Fun Night at the Mall!
Throughout the year, our local mall has a family fun night on the last Tuesday of every month. I've been meaning to take the girls for the last couple years, especially in the Fall/Winter because it's indoors but we've never been... until a few weeks ago! I saw that two special Disney Princesses were going to be there and some bounce houses, so we couldn't miss out!
Ah, the face painting fiasco!
 Lidia is OBSESSED with face paint, and we waited in line for AN HOUR for that "rainbow" that some teenager "painted" on her face. HA!!!
 I can't wait for more fun, Fall, family activities yet to come!


Shawna said...

Fun! We went to the pumpkin patch last night :-)

The slide pictures are great!

Joeylee said...

the girls look like they had fun at the pumpkin patch. we are taking the girls tomorrow

Kenzie S said...

Oh how fun!
Hope you have an amazing weekend ♥