October 03, 2013

The days go by

1 year, 11 days.
That's how far apart L&C are.
When I was pregnant with Carly, everyone told me that my girls would be the best of friends.
At the time I was positive that they were just blowing smoke up my behind to make me feel like I wasn't going to go crazy when she was born.
But now, at ages 3 and 4 I can tell you that those people were 100 percent right.
Actually, they can't even grasp the depth of the love these two have for each other.
It's unreal.

For example:
They always WANT to be around each other.
They love holding hands.
They kiss, hug, and snuggle a hundred times a day.
They stick up for each other.
(Lidia got in trouble for hitting Carly (yes, they still fight) and when Carly saw Lidia in trouble, Carly said, "Don't be mad at my sister! She's my best friend!" Um? She just smacked you in the face child :))
They include each other in everything.
When they meet new people, they always talk about each other.
(They have like a little gig going on when they meet new people, it's hilarious. Lidia says to the new person, "Hi my name is Lidia! I'm 4! I had my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! This is my sister! Her name is Carly. She is 3 and she is CRAZY!" And then Carly looks at the new person, starts yelling "AHH! I CRAZY!" and running around in circles. It's pretty comical and they seriously do this every. single. time. they meet someone new.)

I'm so glad that these two have each other.
12 years.
12 years ago I was 15. I was 15 and knee deep in high school, just like my baby sister is. It's crazy to hear all of her drama, boyfriend problems, friends issues, etc. Takes me back!
And last weekend, took me back once again.
My baby sis had her first homecoming dance at her school! (She went last year to 2 other schools Homecoming, but you have to be a sophmore to go to Johnston's)
Anyway, we of course watched Chloe get ready, take pictures, and sent her off into the night.
Lidia was obsessed with watching Aunt Chloe get ready. She had to have her hair done, makeup on, and nails painted too.
And when we went to her friends house to take pictures, Lidia was in HEAVEN with all the girls in their "princess dresses"
It was adorable.
I can't believe that 12 years ago that was me, and now it's my baby sister's turn.
And 12 years from now?
My girls turn.
One month.
It's been one month exactly since Lidia started preschool and almost 2 months since both girls left their daycare and started at their babysitter.

Lidia is OBSESSED with preschool. She is little Miss Popular. Almost everytime I drop her off or pick her up, another family tells me about how their child talks about Lidia all the time at home. She walks into school and kids run up to her and just love on her. She has two little boys that like to fight over her. Oh boy! One has already told his parents that he wants to marry her and one boy invited Lidia to his birthday party. The kicker? He was only allowed to invite one person, and he chose her. So sweet. So needless to say, we already have our hands full with that one! I try to remind her that she is a good friend and Jesus loves that she is such a good friend to everyone at preschool. We don't want her to get a conceited or anything :)

The girls also LOVE going to Brooklyn's house! Brooklyn is the daughter of their babysitter, Becky. Brooklyn also goes to preschool with Lidia so those two are becoming really close. During the week, they still only go to the babysitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays but on those mornings, they typically do some sort of activity which has included; playdates, the zoo, the pool, the park, story time, etc. They are having a blast! They still go to Lulu's on Wednesdays when I work and have a blast there too! They have met new friends in LuLu's neighborhood that they love to play with and LuLu even takes them to the park and to get ice cream too!

I'm beginning to think the girls' might like when I'm working since they get so spoiled by everyone! :)
... and in other news.
Carly has NEVER liked to swing in her entire life. She despises moving objects like grocery carts, strollers, and swings. UNTIL LAST WEEK! She swings! She finally likes to swing!

Lidia and Carly are both in their last weeks of soccer. They are getting better? Well, kinda. Carly still just stands on the field but Lidia is doing much better! Her goal this week is to score 4 goals! Ha! Let's just try for one :)

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your girls are so sweet together