November 14, 2013

Hey there!

So much has been happening lately, it's hard to keep up.
But at the same time, I feel like we haven't done much recently.
If that makes any sense at all.
Anyway, to play some catch-up...
Lidia had her first parent-teacher conference ever on Monday!
It went as well as I expected.
She had no negative feedback, whatsoever.
She used words like passionate, above the curve, loud, and friendly to describe our girl.
They are focused right now on letter and number recognition and she knows how to recognize and write all of her letters already... we are so proud!
She's also a really good friend, has made ALOT of friends, and is nice to everyone.
Which, in my opinion, is one of the most important things.
And here are a few examples of what she's been learning.
... and her first take home homework!
Also, the girls' ended their soccer season awhile back, but I thought I'd share their team soccer pictures. I didn't order any because they were pretty ridiculous in price... but it's still fun to have the memory of them playing soccer. Because they most likely won't be playing that sport again anytime soon :)
Let's see... what else has been going on?
Oh yes, Matt was gone a whole week, for work, a few weeks ago.
He never travels, so we aren't used to being by ourselves for an extended period of time, but us three girls did pretty well!
I think as moms we like to think, "Well I do most of the work anyway, so it's no big deal that he's gone" Right? Wrong.
I never realized just how much that man helps out with our crazy kiddos.
So yes, we survived. But we definitely welcomed him back with open arms!
Because by the last day, we looked a little something like this....
Here is where I'm going to mention my dislike for something.
I dislike...the age 3.
Yes, I said it. 3 year olds are crazy ya'll.
We went through it with Lidia and now we are looking into the eyes of a crazy person when we talk to Carly.
She's whack. And then she's so sweet.
It makes me feel bi-polar. Even though she is the bi-polar one... at this age at least :)
That girl knows how to throw a fit!
She slams doors, yells emotionally hurtful things, flings herself out of our arms and onto the floor where she gets hurt, hits anyone in sight, bites....
She's really such a joy to be around.
But then she goes and does this... what gives child?!
Lately, we've also been cheering on the Broncos! As an early Christmas present from Matt's parents, we got tickets to the Chiefs/Broncos game in Kansas City with Matt's siblings. I cannot wait! I've never been to an NFL game before!
We welcomed a new baby boy to our group of friends... Silas James! He is so sweet, so cuddly, and just a doll. Lidia prays for him everynight and says, "I love baby Silas. I miss him. Thank you for our new boy." It's adorable.
Even with Carly's sudden 3-year old craziness, the girls are still as close as ever! They still do everything together and back each other up 100%. They even like to gang up on us at times. I LOVE seeing them becoming even better best friends... if that's even possible :)
One last thing that has recently affected our family greatly, and this is going to take a different (more serious) turn....
My step-dad had a heart attack last week. I won't get into many details, but he is doing better and is finally home. All we ask for is lots of prayers for his ongoing recovery, and for no one to take anyone for granted. You never know when this could happen to your family.
Oh yes, and get routine physicals :)