December 04, 2013

Back to dance we go....

Yeah yeah, dance classes start in September and here we are just starting in December?
I know.
But we decided not to do dance this year because it was too expensive.
ESPECIALLY to put both girls in it.
Well, I'm not sure what changed.
(Actually I do know, the weather changed!)
And here we are, in our second week of dance class.
The girls are doing great!
This is Carly's first year and she's a pro already.
Anyway, we did a little "photo shoot" before their first class a few weeks ago.
It went well?
No, not at all.
They were too hyper and excited for class to start, as you can see....
But I did manage to get these "angelic" pictures of the girls.
I just love their faces in these!
...and Lidia ended our shoot with, "Mommy, I'll just lay on the ground and pose like this ok?"
Ok then!

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Shawna said...

SO cute! I'm going to try and see if Brielle can join Raya's class after Christmas. It's for 3-5 year olds and she'll be 3 on Jan. 11th, so hoping they'll let her join in. In tired of entertaining her in the hallway while we wait for Raya :-P