December 03, 2013

You're a *bad* mom blogger when...

....You forget to take a single picture on Thanksgiving. Especially when this Thanksgiving was your first time cooking the whole meal all by yourself! (Go me!) Turkey, potatoes, and pie... oh my! All for just my little family and I. Or maybe that was the reason for the lack of pictures?

....You're a bad mom blogger when you and your family attend a "Friends giving" and you, once again, take zero pictures of the celebration. Maybe it was because 4 people from the feast got food poisoning? Yourself being one of them? Hopefully it wasn't my famous macaroni and cheese corn casserole that nearly killed everyone...

.... I'm the worst mom blogger because I took my kiddos to the movie Frozen (so cute!) and no one can deny or confirm that we actually went to said movie. Why? Because I paid in cash. I went by myself with the girls. And, once again, let's say it altogether now... I didn't document this occasion with any pictures.

.... Speaking of movies, I had a little girls night last month that consisted of Texas Roadhouse (yum) and the Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire (amazing) with my sister and friend, Sarah. You would never know this happened because.... (I'll let you take a guess)

... We have all of our Christmas decorations up at our house. The tree and mantle are decorated and stocking are hung with care. Elf on the Shelf... aka Belle has made his appearance and we are in full Christmas mode... but you'd never know because I've yet to document it with pictures.

... Matt and I had our first Black Friday experience this year. Thanksgiving night, around 8pm, we snuck out to Wal-Mart to experience Black Friday. We were pleasantly surprised! Of course there was a crazy line and tons of people BUT we were in and out of Wal-Mart within 1 1/2 -2 hours! We picked up a TV for a family member, stocking stuffers, and a few other presents. The next day, I braved Kohl's with Carly and got even better deals with no hassle and hardly any wait in line! AND? I'm almost done Christmas shopping! That, my friends, is what you call a Black Friday win. But I still didn't take any pictures.

I'm pretty much the worst mommy blogger ever, right!? I haven't taken out my real camera in... who knows how long. I suppose I'm just living in the moment with my family and the holidays all around us? I'm not sure. Sometimes I look on social media and see all the holiday pictures that everyone has taken and feel guilty like, "NOONE KNOWS I'M DOING THAT TOO!" And then I laugh. Because WHO CARES. My kids are blessed. We are doing our holiday thang and it's all good. But just so you don't think I'm a total scrooge... I actually do have some pictures from a few festivities so far. I wouldn't leave you hanging like that! :)
We decorated put up Lulu and Grandpa's Christmas tree!
-Carly decked out in Christmas gear already. My "tomboy" is obsessed with wearing dresses right now.
-Carly also HAD to sit on Santa's lap at the mall. I believe this was in the middle of November! haha! Lidia was at preschool so we will have to go back for some "real" Santa pictures.
-The girls also loved on a reindeer.
The girls started dance class again!
This past weekend, Matt and I went with his brothers and sister in law to Kansas City for the Chiefs/Broncos game! It was my first NFL game and I was in heaven! It didn't hurt that the Broncos won either :)

While we were gone, the girls had a playdate with Collin!
One night we also went bowling...
Other than that, Lidia has just been making me proud and making me look like mother of the year over here at preschool. (sarcasm) This is her classes "how to make a turkey" booklet that was sent home with all the parents. Each child wrote how they thought you ate or cooked a turkey. This was Lidia's response....
....and then I died laughing.
True life: She only eats turkey from a lunchable.
At least my child's response wasn't... "We don't eat turkey because we don't have an oven."
That one made me laugh for a good ten minutes.
Only because I know the child, and they most definitely have an oven. Ha!

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