January 06, 2014

2013 Holiday Happenin's ~ Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve, we stayed around the house most of the day. I let the girls open their gifts from my dad and my grandparents during the day. I figured it was a few less Christmas presents we had to haul later that day. So the girls opened a few presents, and it's safe to say that Carly's face was priceless after seeing the Doc McStuffins toy. She LOVES Doc McStuffins.
Then at 4pm, we went to the Christmas Eve program at our church.
After that, we were already packed up, so we headed over to Lulu's for the night!
It's tradition to stay at my mom's house with my sisters on Christmas Eve.
(Even though I try to break tradition sometimes! I've only succeeded once :)
(silly Stompeez she just had to have)
(kisses from Aunt Bubs)
(taking pictures of Lulu on their new Leap Pad)
When we got to my mom's house we had dinner, played a bit, and then opened our annual/traditional Christmas ornaments and matching pajamas for the girls!
Lovin's from Aunt Chlo.
New yearly ornaments!
Then we left out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer! Lidia wrote Santa a letter too!
Then we watched for Santa on the computer. When the girls went to bed, he was flying over the ocean... so they hurried and tried to fall asleep fast so he wouldn't skip our house :) I wish bedtime were that easy every night!
Then we woke up bright and early (ahem... 6am thanks to Aunt Bubs) on Christmas morning.
The girls took our annual picture on the stairs... they were sooooo excited!
I'm glad THEY have to take pictures on the stairs, and I don't have to anymore!
Well actually they still take a picture of us sisters and Matt too.
 I just don't want to scare anyone, so these pictures of the girls will do! Ha.
Then it was time to see what Santa brought!
In our family, Santa brings little stuff in the stockings and only one present.
Sometimes the present is big, sometimes it's small. It just depends.
This year Santa brought a baby doll stroller, carseat, and high chair!
Then it was present time!
They got so much amazing stuff this year!
But this Stuffie was Lidia's favorite.
After presents, we had a yummy quiche breakfast, played games, ate Subway for lunch (another tradition... we LOVE Christmas traditions) played some more, and took naps!
...and yes, we stayed in pajamas all day.
It was amazing.

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