January 04, 2014

2013 Holiday Happenin's - Dance Performance

Lidia and Carly had their first dance performance together at the mall a few weeks ago.
They danced to Frosty the Snowman and had a blast!
Lidia, of course, stole the show.
This time might have had to do with her being directly in the middle and being the tallest, but still.
She was the star.
But Carly?
She was probably the smallest and THE CUTEST one up there with her cute smile and little dance moves.
I just love my girls!
And one of the cutest stories to date of Carly would have to be this one that happened over the holidays.
We live less than 5 minutes from the mall, so all throughout December we made several trips to the mall for presents, etc. Also, the girls had seen many different Santa's throughout Christmas time due to us being at different malls several times,and their babysitter taking them several times also. Anyway, Carly grew to love one Santa only. The Santa at the mall right next to our house. Don't ask me why, but she just KNEW that he was the real Santa. I noticed it first when we walked by him one day and she cried because the line was too long to stop and say hi to him, so she just had to wave. That was unacceptable and she did NOT like sharing HER Santa with other kids. That same day, we walked into Old Navy and there was another Santa in Old Navy. She said, "That's not the real Santa!!!!! The REAL Santa is down there!" and pointed in the direction of her beloved "real" Santa. So the night of her dance recital at the mall, the one just down the street from our house, she got to see HER Santa again... in front of our whole family and I just about died. She FREAKED! "Hi Santa! It's me, your friend Carly! Merry Christmas!" As she was walking past him to her dance recital. And on the way back, she did it again... and as always, her timid smile came out and her face got all red as she saw him. Each time she saw him, she looked like a little school girl with a crush. It was so adorable. But this time?! Santa got up and came over to Carly at the gate and held her hand and talked to her. It probably made her entire life. That little girl can be so crazy, but in moments like those... it's all worth it!

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