January 31, 2014

A-Z of L&C

The ABC's of Lidia at 4 years, 6 months old:
Apples, yogurt, soft shell tacos, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and pancakes are a few of her favorite (food) things.
Oh, and cake. Cake tops... well... anything.
Best friend is Carlyl, of course. Also, Austin and Peyton from preschool.
Church and crafts are some of her favorite things to do.
Dancer at Dance-A-Cross studio for the 3rd year!
Embarrassed often, Excited easily, and Enthusiatic about everything.
Frozen. Frozen, Frozen, Frozen!! (the movie. need I say more?!)
Goes to preschool 4 days a week, for 3 hours per day and LOVES it.
Helper. Loves to help momma with everything; cooking/cleaning/etc. She also loves when she gets to be a helper at school. It's all she talks about that week!
Intrigued by everything!
Jokester. She LOVES to hear and tell jokes.
Loves to play games. Her favorites are Guess Who and Jake and the Never land Pirates game.
Memorized how to spell Lidia, Carly, Britt, Matt, Papa, Daddy, Lulu, and more... plus the entire alphabet. 
She can also count to 100! (100 with assistance, 30 with no assistance)
NFLfan and the Broncos biggest fan. She knows so much about football, it's pretty crazy.
Pinkalicious series are her favorite books, pink is her favorite color, and posing for pictures is a favorite too.
Question asker. So many questions!
Really tall! Wears size 6 clothing and size 12 shoes! She's over 95 percentile in height and weight.
Swim lessons start in February
Teachers names: Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Adams, and Mrs. Frye. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Adams.
Upbeat and energetic... ALL.THE.TIME.
Very friendly. She's THAT child that talks to and plays with everyone anywhere we go.
Wii sports extraordinaire
X,Y, & Z... Yeah, I've got nothing... :)

The ABC's of Carly at 3 years, 6 months old:
ABC's. She knows how to say/recognize all the letters of the alphabet. She knows how to write her name, but has trouble with writing the letter R. She also knows how to count to 20. 15- 20 are sometimes hard for her but she's doing great!
Best friends are Lidia and Papa. Apparently I'm chopped liver.
Coloring. She is obsessed with coloring. See the picture above? There is always a color in her hand!
Dance. This is her first year of dance and she loves it! She has the cutest gymnast/dancer body ever.
Eats: EVERYTHING. Pretty much. Sometimes she can be picky, but she's usually a great eater!
Funny. SO FUNNY! The things that come out of her mouth are ridiculous! Just the other night she said, "that's music to my ears!" I never know where she comes up with this stuff.
Goes with the flow. She's kind of on a need to know basis. She doesn't have to know every little detail like a certain older sister of hers... ahem :)
Hide and seek is her favorite game to play. You will always find her hiding under a blanket. Always.
Invincible! Or so she thinks. She is still a little daredevil, crazy person.
Jesus. She prays to Jesus before bed each night, and her new thing is to sleep with her small bible at night. It's adorable.
Kisses. She LOVES to give kisses. She kisses arms, legs, hands, cheeks, mouths, clothing. She loves to show affection.
Little sister syndrome. She's got it! All the hand me downs are hers and she follows in her big sister's footsteps in everything they do.
Make-believe. She is so creative and imaginative. Watching or listening to her play and make believe is so fun.
Not a fan of taking pictures. At all.
Opinionated, Optimistic, and Obedient. HA! Scratch the last one :)
Purple is her favorite color. Always and forever.
Quirky. What kiddo isn't?!
Reserved. She always says she's "shy" when she is around people she doesn't know.
Singer. All she does is sing. She sings instead of talks. Don't be surprised if she's a famous singer someday!
Terrible three's. We have had our fair share of terrible three's this year but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
Un-dying love for her daddy. She has become the biggest daddy's girl ever.
Very good at sharing. I think this has to do with her over-bearing, "not so good at sharing" sister.
Wears 4T clothing and size 7/8 shoes.She can still fit in some 3T clothes also. She's very "average" when it comes to height and weight.
X, Y, and Z... once again, I've got nothing!
See? She does not like taking pictures!

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Love this post idea! I need to do something like this just to catch up on the girls and the different stages they are in. :)