January 23, 2014

These two...

So it's almost the end of January already... how did that happen?!
 2014 has already shaped up to be a pretty fun year!
First off, we took a little trip to see these pretties...
This reunion was long overdue and the four girls had the best day together!
(Lidia is the tallest and she is 4. The twins are little nuggets and 6!)
Even in 2014, these two little pretties continue to be little diva monsters.
 In the past couple weeks/months, several different people have commented to me about how close these two are.
And yes, yes they are as close as they seem in pictures.
Don't believe me?
Let me tell you this story I shared on Instagram...
Carly walks out of dance class crying...
"Those children (yes she said children) are dancing with my sister and they are better than me!"
Ten seconds later, Lidia walks out of dance class crying...
 "I can't dance without my best friend, my sister!"
...  and then this picture followed....
These two, I tell ya.
...oh and then there's this picture...
They are crazy about each other.
I get asked if they fight.
Yes, sometimes they fight.
They actually used to fight ALOT.
Now, not as much.
But just so you don't think we are crazy people obsessed with just each other... we have other friends too!
Brooklyn playdates, twin playdates, preschool playdates, and Aunt Chloe playdates.
...and of course they love their mama.
Unless they are put in timeout and a certain little four year old says...
"I'm not gonna be your baby with I'm a grown up anymore!!"
I didn't know how to respond to that... insult?
At least she loves me and says she's my baby when I take her swimming?
... and when I buy her a cape, take her to the library, and apparently the dentist too? Who knew?!
... and of course sledding.
But anyway, this post is all over the place.
It's really about nothing other than my cute, kinda spoiled kiddos that are best friends for life, that seem to get mad at me a lot.
Such is life, right?
They have it so rough, these two...
Maybe I'll have something more interesting to talk about next time...

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Mama Tully said...

Sister love! Nothing sweeter :)