February 28, 2014

Our life in bullet points

*The great princess adventure
When I was younger, Ami my older sister, took me to Beauty and the Beast on ice. She told me to get dressed up fancy and didn't tell me where we were going. Actually I think she lied about where we were going and then I was surprised when we ended up at the show! Anyway, It was a special memory I will remember forever. So I knew we had to pass that tradition on to my girlies with their aunts. Well, Disney Junior Live was in town with Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.... so it was the perfect opportunity for the girls to go on a "surprise princess adventure" with their aunts. Aunt Ami, Aunt Chloe, and the girls got dressed up and were told they were going on a princess adventure but they didn't know where. I was NOT allowed to go with them. No mommies allowed. Ha! If you know me, I'm kind of obsessed with being there for everything with the kiddos and this was one of the first times I wasn't, so it was weird for me. But I'm glad they went and had fun and I hope the girls remember the memories forever! Here are pictures before they left for the show... dressed in princess gear of course!
*The dentist
The girls went to the dentist this week. This was Lidia's second time and Carly's first time. Carly's teeth looked perfect, which I assumed because she's obsessed with brushing her teeth so her teeth stay white. She will call you out if she thinks your teeth are yellow.. ha! But little Miss Lidia has two cavities that she has to get filled next month. Poor thing. The dentist told her "no more candy" and she is following directions! She tells everyone she sees that she isn't allowed to have candy anymore... good girl! :)
The girls are both still in dance and doing great! But since we are members of the YMCA, we can sign up for classes for really cheap! So we decided to put each of the girls in their own separate class this winter. The classes only lasts about 6 weeks so it's great for this loooong winter that we are having! Anyway, Lidia was adamant about swim lessons, and Carly gets to do a tumbling class! It's great to have them in their own classes and a little bit more independent from each other.
Our family had been healthy with no sickness for almost a year! So, we knew we were due for some sickness to hit us. And it did. All of us got a 24 hour stomach bug one weekend. It went away just as fast as it came though, so that was good! Besides the quick bug we got, Lidia had been complaining of headaches for several weeks so I finally took her into the doctor, since they were becoming more frequent. Turns out she had a double ear infection. Not only was it an ear infection, it was "the worst infection I've ever seen" according to our pediatrician. She said her ear drum looked like a balloon and was about to burst. Luckily it did not, and we got her on antibiotics quickly.
Speaking of Lidia, she turned 4 1/2. She thinks this is a huge milestone. But really, her school just celebrated her half birthday (a month late, I might add... ha!) since her birthday is in the summer. BUT! She got to bring in treats and wear a ribbon, and she thought she was hot stuff. Apparently 4 1/2 year olds are completely different from 4 year olds and eat different things too. Who knew?! Speaking of turning older, I attended a parent meeting for kindergarten last week. I teared up 4 times throughout the whole thing because I'm crazy and not ready for all of that. So yeah. Kindergarten? Almost 5 years old? Who is this BIG GIRL?!
*And other stufffff
We went to a Valentine's Day Party at church with all of our friends...
We celebrated Collin's pirate birthday party at the bowling alley....
... and did the normal hang around the house, be crazy and obsessed with each other stuff too!

February 05, 2014


The Bronco's Super bowl loss.
But seriously... that was pathetic.
(...and these pictures were taken two weeks before the Super Bowl at Matt's birthday party to watch the AFC/NFC Championship games. At least the Bronco's showed up to that game)
(and yes, Carly is wearing a summer dress at a restaurant when it's freezing out. At least she showed up in her Bronco's sweatshirt?)
...lots of snuggles this week.
We have, yet again, a lot of snow coming our way. Vacation anyone?!
Listening to:
The Frozen soundtrack and Chippettes soundtrack.
All day. Every day.
Thinking about...
Kindergarten and Preschool.
Did you know registration for both start NOW?!
So much to do. So much to think about.
Both girls were born in July, so they will both be the youngest in their class.
Should we put Lidia in Kindergarten this year and have her be the youngest?
Or keep her back and be the oldest? (and tallest... by far)
Which preschool should Carly go to?
We LOVE Lidia's preschool so it'd be a no-brainer for Carly to go there, right?
If Lidia goes to Kindergarten, Carly could go to preschool at that elementary school which would make drop-offs/pick-ups easier.
Should Carly go to all day preschool?
Should I change around my work schedule so the girls wouldn't have to have any before/after school care?
Ahhhhh. Someone make these decisions for me!
Excited for...
The girls have no idea they are going to this show this weekend!
Their Aunt Bubba bought them tickets, amazing tickets at that, and we are surprising them with the show!
I can't wait!

Planning for...
A busy February!
Dance classes, swim lessons start, and Valentine's day parties for both church and school for the girls!
Hopefully many more pictures of the girlies with their friends...
Thankful for...
these two.
....and my husband.
And our family, our friends, and our wonderful life.
I don't say it enough, but we really are happy, healthy, and blessed.