April 29, 2014

L&C Update

I've been scolded for not updating the blog lately, so here I am with an update on the girlies :)

Lidia is a Wii bowling pro... it's her latest obsession. She finished swimming lessons last month, still goes to dance once a week, and is involved with the preschool class at church. Lidia graduates from Creekside preschool in one month and she got her hair cut to her shoulders this month! Lidia loves to run and ran her first kids race and did amazing! Lidia is growing SO MUCH, and in turn is eating so much better! Lidia loves reading Pete the Cat, Pinkalicious, and Frozen books. Her favorite songs are "Let it go" and "Team" by Lorde. She is wearing size 6 and 7 and size 12 shoes. She grew out of all her spring/summer clothes from last year, so we are in the process of buying her a new wardrobe... its not fun! She also has her 6 year molars coming in right now, which means her baby teeth will most likely start getting loose anytime now. Lidia still loves to learn anything and everything. She has learned so much and grown so much in this past year, it blows my mind. She is a great big sister and doesn't like to be in trouble at all. She is a perfectionist. She is the sweetest little girl I've ever been around and I could not be more proud of the little (almost Kindergarten) girl she has become.

Carly is a crazy princess. It's the best way to describe her. She is so crazy, loud, funny, and gets in lots of trouble often but then wants to be a pretty princess in a beautiful dress the next minute. She loves to make people laugh and has the best one liners ever. She is her daddy/Bella's twin. She can quote any movie she watches and she sings all day long. She has the best imagination and is always making up things to do/say/play. Carly is learning so much this year as well, and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with having a big sister. She already knows how to spell Carly, Lidia, Britt, Papa, and Lulu and she's only 3. She loves to draw, eat, and explore. She is wearing 4T clothing and size 8 shoes. She's perfectly average in height/weight and still has the cutest gymnast body I've ever seen that gets bruised up daily from her craziness. She is still in dance and has her first dance recital at the beginning of June. She loves to show people "first position" and "arabesque'" Carly has been potty trained for a very long time now, but was still having troubles at night until just this month. It's safe to say she is fully out of pull-ups at night since we haven't had an accident in weeks! (fingers crossed) Carly will start preschool in the Fall and I'm not ready to give up my baby yet, even though I know she will do amazing and learn so much. Also, Carly has to get her tonsils taken out on May 16th. Prayers for a speedy recovery are appreciated. I know this crazy girl will not like having to rest all day long, but she WILL like eating popsicles all day long!

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They have gotten so big!!