May 27, 2014

Kindergarten here we come!

Olivet/Creekside Christian (4/5 year old) Preschool
Well, my (not-so-little) first born is officially graduated from preschool and headed to Kindergarten! They had their end of the year program/celebration on Wednesday, May 21st, and their official last day/picnic the following day on May 22nd. I can't say enough great things about her preschool! The teachers, the kids, the parents, the curriculum... everything about the school was amazing! And my girl grew SO MUCH physically, mentally, socially, and academically in the last year... it's surreal. I can not believe she will be in Kindergarten in a few short months!

The end of the year program was adorable. All of the families were seated in the auditorium before the kiddos walked in. Here is Lidia walking in with her two best friends, Austin and Peyton. Peyton is waving to me (hello, because I'm one of her favorites, obviously :) and Austin is doing the robot walking in behind Lidia. Ha! These two were characters the whole program and Lidia was right in between them being a perfectionist, of course. Peyton has the most adorable voice and when she gets into a song, you can hear her sing above everyone else. And Austin? He is the class clown and shows off throughout the entire performance! I've become friends with both of their parents throughout the year (I actually knew Peyton's dad since high school) and I'm SO GLAD because these three would miss each other so much if they weren't able to spend time together after preschool ends. They are obviously on the top of Lidia's birthday invite list!
 They started the program with about 10-15 songs. It was so cute and fun to see!
... and at one point Austin was leaning over singing (most likely serenading) Miss Lidia.
Looks like he's trying to give her a smooch, huh?!
Then their teacher talked a little bit, showed a slideshow from throughout the year, and handed out "graduation" certificates, memorabilia, and bibles as a present!
Unfortunately, I was the only one able to make it from our little family because Carly had just gotten her tonsils out, and Papa had to stay home with her. But I'm so glad I was able to get a picture with my big girl!
The next day, the kids had their end of the year picnic. It was a teachers/kiddos only picnic, but at the end the parents and kiddos all got together at the playground to spend some time together chatting, playing, and eating popsicles!
Lidia and her best friend/second sister, Brooklyn!
Austin and Lidia... I think the sun was a little bright ha!
And Papa came!
The four best girl friends at preschool! Lidia, Brooklyn, Peyton, and Lexi! (And Bryce, Brooklyn's brother too!)
Lidia and Peyton
... and finally, saying goodbye to Mrs. Keller!
It was such a great year and I'm so sad to see it end!
But we are all anxious, sad, happy, excited, scared, etc. for Kindergarten!

May 13, 2014

Easter 2014 & Aunt Chloe's Prom

Easter this year was special because Grams was in town from Memphis, TN! We got to spend most of our Easter weekend with her at my parents house and she was able to go to our Easter church service and watch the girls do their Easter egg hunt! We had a brunch on Sunday and then lasagna for dinner that night followed by a trip to the park. It was a great day spent with family and celebrating Jesus being alive!
 My younger sister, Chloe, is a sophomore in high school but was asked to go to prom this year with one of her friends. Surprise surprise :) Who wouldn't want this beautiful girl on their arm at prom?!
We spent the day with her helping her with hair, makeup, getting dressed, taking pictures, etc. I love doing this stuff with my baby sis, but I just can't believe she's old enough for this stuff!